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Euthanasia pro and cons essay

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Euthanasia: pros and cons essays

Euthanasia pro and cons essay

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Euthanasia Pros and Cons: Should People Have the Right to Die

Book Review: Flatland by Edwin A. Abbot. You#8217;ll get a lot of answers when you ask when speculative fiction was born. Some will tell you that it began with Hugo Gernsback and the pulps. Others will say that it goes as far back as mythology and folklore. Personally, I go with those who say that it began with Mary Shelley#8217;s Frankenstein , though I don#8217;t discount earlier works such as Gulliver#8217;s Travels or The Tempest . I say all of this because I#8217;m taking us back to the 19th Century for today#8217;s review. Euthanasia Cons! We#8217;re going to review the classic novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott. Imagine, if you will, a sheet of paper that is infinitely large and stretching to all sides. Now imagine that on this sheet of paper there are a series of geometric shapes, but instead of staying in place these shapes move about and electrician cover, have complex social lives. Welcome to Flatland, a world of only two dimensions.

There is euthanasia width and length, but there is no height or depth. The book follows A. Square who is#8230;well, he#8217;s literally a two-dimensional square. He acts as our guide to the realm of apprentice cover letter Flatland and relates to use the ways of his countrymen and euthanasia pro and essay, their doings. There are two main events that serve to completely change A. Square#8217;s world view. The first is his contact with Lineland, a world of only one dimension, and dream, the second is meeting a figure known as Lord Sphere. Pro And Cons Essay! Lord Sphere claims to come from a strange world of three dimensions called Spaceland. All right, that sounds lovely but is this actually a science fiction novel? I would argue that yes, it most certainly is. Science fiction has always been about asking the age old question #8220;what if?#8221; and composition and essays, so it is with Flatland . In this case the question asked is what would it be like if there were a world of only two dimensions.

I can#8217;t say when exactly I found out about Flatland , though I think it may have been while I was reading Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. Regardless of where I first heard of it, I#8217;ve always found the concept of Flatland is cons be utterly fascinating, and I#8217;m glad to have finally gotten around to reading it. Term Papers About! I loved getting to know all of the ways that life works in Flatland. Euthanasia! For example, it is customary to meet someone by feeling them in order to determine their shape. It#8217;s also considered polite to give directions to the way north when meeting a traveler on the road. Societal rank and job are determined by the number of torture sides that one has, with circles being at the top of things. Each successive generation gains an euthanasia cons essay additional side, except for the low ranking isosceles triangles, though there are exceptions.

Women, being incredibly sharp and how to a maths problem, pointy lines, have restrictions placed on pro and cons them so that they can avoid constantly killing people by accident. Dream Essay! We also learn much of the pro and essay history of Flatland, such as why colors have been banned by the upper classes. There is some pretty great world building in this novel. That having been said the fact the citizens of Flatland are all living geometric shapes does limit the amount of exploration that can go into their biology and english and essays, physics. A. Square does hint at future explanations, but he decides that it will take up too much time and euthanasia, bore the term about torture reader. Or to put it another way, if you wonder how they eat and euthanasia pro and essay, breathe and other science facts#8230;well, I#8217;m sure you all know the words to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song. You#8217;ll also notice that Flatland society bares more than a passing resemblance to 1st year apprentice electrician cover letter, the society of Victorian Britain.

This is intentional, as Abbott intended for Flatland to euthanasia cons essay, be just as much a satire as a compelling story. Some readers may take issue with the way the female characters are depicted, but again, this has to do with the novel being a satire. Abbott was actually making fun of the sexism of his day rather than condoning it. The biggest theme, however, is the theorizing of higher dimensions. Think of Flatland as an 1st year letter allegory for our own existence. The Flatlanders cannot directly perceive of a third dimension, but they can see its effects. For example, where Flatland gets its light is considered a great mystery, but then A. Euthanasia Cons! Square learns that it is provided by the Sun. Similarly, we cannot directly observe the argument persuasion essay fourth dimension, but we can see its effects upon euthanasia cons essay, us. What is term papers about this fourth dimension you ask? The answer is simple: time. Euthanasia Cons! We cannot see time in and of itself, but we can see the effect its passage has on our world.

It#8217;s certainly food for thought. Since it was written in 1884 Flatland has long since fallen into the Public Domain. As such, many other writer have tried their hand at tackling the subject matter Flatland is built upon. Usually they will focus on one particular aspect while ignoring the others. Admittedly I haven#8217;t read any of english these books, but of the pro and cons essay ones I#8217;ve heard of thanks to TV Tropes I#8217;d say Planiverse sounds the most promising. It attempts to look at how biology, chemistry, physics and culture would function in humor a realistic 2-D world. Flatland being in the Public Domain also means that there have been quite a few audiobook adaptions over the years. My favorite would probably have to euthanasia essay, the one narrated by Patrick Frederic.

There is a slight hiss to the audio, but it#8217;s not that noticeable, and Patrick#8217;s narration is very much worth it. Like I#8217;ve said, there#8217;s also plenty of great narration out composition and essays there so go with whoever you feel like does the cons essay best job. There have been two movie adaptions, both of how to solve which came out in 2007. They are Flatland: The Movie and Flatland: The Film , usually just referred to as Flatland . Of the two Flatland: The Movie is better. The animation is euthanasia cons essay better, the voice acting is better, and it#8217;s much closer to dream essay, the plot of the original novel while still updating the satire for modern times. It also has an all-star cast including Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale and euthanasia cons, Michael York. It clocks in at thirty-four minutes, compared to the other film#8217;s ninety minute run time. It#8217;s very much worth checking out if you get the chance.

It even managed to net a few awards at various film festivals. Here#8217;s the essays amp effluvia humor trailer for those curious. In other adaptations, there#8217;s the Flatland Tabletop RPG . Yes, you read that correctly. I#8217;m not entirely sure what compelled the pro and cons essay game designers to make such a thing. Solve A Maths Problem! Flatland doesn#8217;t exactly lend itself very well to RPGs, but if you#8217;ve ever want to pretend to pro and cons, be a 2-D geometric shape going on 2-D adventures#8230;well, here you go. In conclusion, Flatland is a classic, and somewhat under-appreciated, novel that is papers about torture well worth your time.

And since its Public Domain you can even read it for essay free from places such as Project Gutenberg. It#8217;ll give you something to 1st year electrician letter, think about even if the characters are kind of flat, though some would say two-dimensional#8230;hey, I love puns. Seriously, check out pro and Flatland , you won#8217;t regret it. Book Review: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez. ABSOLUTE ZERO Cool Websites, Very Cool : Worlds Without End. One thought on Book Review: Flatland by Edwin A. Abbot GERNSBACK SF SHORT STORY WRITING CONTEST. We're hosting a writing contest with cash prizes and essays amp effluvia humor, judged by pro and cons essay, SFWA pros - Cat Rambo, Dave Creek and term papers about torture, Jack Clemons. Cons! Details inside! Dismiss this notice Χ Classic Poster #1. Ice Skating on Saturn's Moons #36; 30.00 TownHall Protest Ts' AGREE/DISAGREE Shirt (white, unisex) #36; 25.00 #36; 29.50 A DOCTOR FOR THE ENTERPRISE A Science Fiction Parody (w/ shipping) (click on image for dream analysis essay full information) #36; 35.70 Classic Poster #6: Into the Abyss #36; 30.00 Classic Poster #3: When Ichthyosaurs Attack #36; 30.00.

Steve Fahnestalk on RETRO REVIEW: ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S THE DOOR INTO SUMMER jennyeverywhere on RETRO REVIEW: ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S THE DOOR INTO SUMMER David Kilman on Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 6 edited by Alex Shvartsman Steve Davidson on Publisher#8217;s Note Steve Davidson on AMAZING NEWS: 10-1-2017: The Dr. Euthanasia Cons Essay! Seuss#8217; Green Toads and Spam Edition. Publishers of Amazing Stories. Hillsboro, NH 03244. General Inquiry -

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Something Fresh and euthanasia cons essay, P. G. Wodehouse. The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Wodehouse THE CUSTODY OF THE PUMPKIN Lord Emsworth P. English Composition! G. Wodehouse is quite well-known for euthanasia pro and his portrayal of eccentric, snobbish and socially-parasitic aristocrats in his different chronicles. Lord Emsworth is the main character of the Blandings Castle Books, which are based out of the fictional Emsworth estate, of which he is supposed to be the head. Analysis Essay! Lord Emsworth is a great sample of cons, a “Wodehouse type”, which are characters that bear the unique and funny characteristics that make them so awkward. Lord Emsworth: a man whose great rank and position in the highest class of society is juxtaposed to his lack of intelligence and common sense.

A typical Wodehouse character would have a very unique or ridiculous name, imitating the very long and historical names of the how to solve, old English powerhouses. Notice the employment of multiple consonants in the name for the purpose of accentuating an imperious name the way that the aristocrats would have done back in Wodehouse’s society. Need essay sample on Something Fresh and P. G. Wodehouse ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. Although Emsworth is an older man, he does not possess any of the euthanasia cons, attributes of age and 1st year, maturity: He is absent-minded, prone to long sleep, and basically clueless about what goes around him with the cons essay, exception with the very specific things that he loves which are his animals and his flowers. Yet the most important attribute of an Wodehouse character is analysis their use of language.

Wodehouse mixes the euthanasia, younger generation’s Eton jargon with aristocratic snobbish words and creates a unique language for his characters. Lord Emsworth, who is an easy-going but conservative peer is characterized for essay his kind speech to others and his consistent use of the phrase “dash it” as his way to euthanasia pro and cons essay curse when he is mad. The qualities of ignorance and idleness are the keypoints upon which Wodehouse focuses in order to make the essays amp effluvia, story a parody of the lives of the upper-class. British society members. Lord Emsworth represents the idle upper-classes who live off their family names and pro and essay, fortunes, who attend Oxford or Cambridge merely to say that they have gone there, and who later in life become the epicenter of a shallow social circle of estate balls, hunting, or many other forms of mindless entertainment. Like his peers, Lord Emsworth is clearly a man with lots of money and very little ideas about what to do with it. Parly due to his idle and unintelligent condition, Lord Emsworth employs endless hours into the tending of his beloved award-winning and massive pumpkin whom he named “The Hope of Blandings”; a lead competitor at the Shrewsbury plant show.

Emsworth’s equally worthless son, Freddie, has been around the solve problem, house flirting with the essay, daughter of Emsworth’s top gardener, McAllister, thus infuriating the latter to the point of quitting his job at apprentice cover letter, Blandings. The whole plot is designed to make Lord Emsworth and his son completely devoid of reason or imagination. Compared to the common folk, such as McAllister and Mr. Donaldson, the aristocrats stand out for their silliness in behavior and thought. Also, notice how the upper-class men seem unable to do anything without the help of the common man. Lord Emsworth cannot raise his pumpkin without the intervention of his gardener, and euthanasia pro and cons essay, Freddie does not seem to analysis essay be able to make any useful form of employment until Mr. Donaldson shows up. Euthanasia Pro And Cons! 1 The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Essays Amp Effluvia Humor! Wodehouse. Therefore, the euthanasia, story presents the lifestyles of the rich in Post World War I England in all of its glamour and its stubborn adherence to old traditions; all this while the world outside the walls of Blandings are undergoing major social changes that, eventually, would affect the aristocrats, as a whole.

McAllister and cover, Donaldson represent that world outside the Blandings estate which can survive on their own, and is strong enough for euthanasia cons essay change. Lord Emsworth and his son, contrastingly, represent the weakening upper classes who are slowly but surely deteriorating precisely for their lack of social survival mechanisms. The key to understanding Wodehouse is comparing his characters to english and essays typical, everyday upper-class men of the earlier generations. Wodehouse extracts the essence of the silliness and emptiness of aristocratic heritage and adds to it sarcasm and euthanasia pro and cons, ridiculous situations that are what make Emsworth and his peers so funny and easy to like. Thoughts about “The Custody of the Pumpkin” by P. G Wodehouse The Custody of the solve, Pumpkin by P. G Wodehouse is quite a different short story than what i have read previously in class. It is one of the first comedic short stories I have read that is euthanasia essay written in the early years of the english and essays, 20th century. Pro And! The short story is almost like a slapstick comedy, and humor, it starts off with a very appealing description of the cons essay, setting it was in, at Blandings Castle, where the “morning sunshine descended like an solve a maths problem, amber showerbath… lighting up w/ a heartening glow…”. Everything so far had seemed normal, that the short story is probably one of those which just takes up 10 pages to cons essay describe how good the apprentice electrician, protagonist’s life has been so far.

Yet, the comedy kicks in at the 5th paragraph. I’m going to euthanasia cons essay have to admit that, w/o Mr. MacKnight’s help I would have never understood why the critics would give this short story such a high praise, after all to me, it was just a bunch of used posh words w/ no meanings. But I was soon to find out, that behind the fancy language unraveled a very simple and comedic story about a noble, Lord Emsworth, and his idiotic journey towards winning the pumpkin competition. The story started off w/ Lord Emsworth not knowing how to use a telescope, since he doesn’t realize that there was a cap covering it. After his most humble servant reminds him to take the cap off, he actually uses it to outline spy on cows. Below is one of my favorite part to this short story. ‘Beach,’ said Lord Emsworth. Pro And! ‘M’Lord? ’ “I’ve been swindled. English Composition And Essays! This dashed thing doesn’t work. ’ ‘your lordship cannot see clearly? ’ ‘I can’t see at all, dash it.

It’s all black. ’ The butler was an observant man. ‘Perhaps if I were to remove the cap at the extremity of the essay, instrument, m’lord, more satisfactory results might be obtained. Amp Effluvia Humor! ’ ‘Eh? Cap? Is there a cap? So there is. Take it off, Beach. ’ ‘Very good, m’lord. Pro And Cons! ’ ‘Ah! There was satisfaction in Lord Emsworth’s voice. he twiddled and amp effluvia, adjusted and the satisfaction deepened. ‘Yes, that’s better. That’s capital. Euthanasia Cons! Beach, I can see a cow. ’ I love the way how Wodehouse had put such a silly thing in posh words, and give the reader the ultimate crack up by letting us realize that behind these vocabularies and fancy, obedient speech by Beach, actually hides his very own sarcasm and annoyance towards the Lord’s ignorance. This part also shows Wodehouse’s sarcastic attitude toward the papers, British ranking systems with all the “Lord”s, “Knight”s, and others.

What makes this funnier is that, we’d be expecting a person w/ such a supposedly high level educated mind like a Lord should’ve gotten to look at a beautiful scenery at least, despite of the “cap incident”, yet Lord Emsworth was looking at cons, a COW. Another playful undermine by Wodehouse towards the persuasion essay outline, stereotypical image of the ranked people. Another example of mismatch b/tw fancy language and what is euthanasia cons essay being described is when the stories continues to the point of where the Lord is term torture basically finally bored w/ his spying of cows. Wodehouse still 2 The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Essay! Wodehouse manages to put such a simple and idiotic thing to about torture mention into something seemingly deep and complicated: Presently, the cow’s audience-appeal began to wane. It was a fine cow, as cows go, but, like so many cows, it lacked sustained dramatic interest. Surfeited after a while by the spectacle of it chewing the cud and staring glassily at nothing, Lord Emsworth decided to swivel the apparatus round in the hope of picking up something a trifle more sensational. Pro And Essay! Originally, Wodehouse could have simply put in the sense of ” After awhile, Lord Emsworth found looking at cows boring and turned his telescope away,” yet he chose such a language form to put in, and it is indeed very effective.

Full use of irony and english and essays, sarcasm for euthanasia pro and cons essay the Lord’s intelligence was included in english composition this quote, where he put “the cow’s audience-appeal” where in fact it is just Lord Emsworth’s fascination towards cows. “Sustained dramatic interest…” shows that not only is it absurd that Lord Emsworth is staring at a cow through such an equipment, but also it took him quite some time to actually REALIZE that it was not so interesting, which is completely ridiculous. Afterwards, he sees that his son, Frederick, was kissing a girl, and soon to find out that it was the daughter of euthanasia cons essay, Angus McAllister, his gardener. Again, the essay outline, irony of euthanasia pro and cons, hierarchy has been shown, since Lord Emsworth has been previously shown as a person not so bright, yet people that actually has common sense still has to follow each and everyone of his demands, something that Wodehouse had made fun of in analysis “The Custody of the Pumpkin” very often. McAllister left, since it was his only other choice than to send his daughter away. Euthanasia Pro And Cons Essay! Another funny quote has shown up now, it was a thought of Lord Emsworth after McAllister had left: With Angus McAllister gone, how would the english composition, pumpkin fare? Again, making fun of the nobles, here Lord Emsworth was portrayed as a person who doesn’t care about important things, but is extremely obsessed w/ this pumpkin fare his pumpkin was going to attend. This humor would once again be mentioned when his son, Freddie, bumps into euthanasia pro and essay him outside of the Castle after he’s been grounded, yet the Lord still takes his word of ” I came out to see you” lie naively. His son was about to term about torture tell him something important, yet he immediately associates it w/ something that has happened to his most beloved pumpkin. Euthanasia Cons! There are so much more quotes to include, and so much more points to outline cover, ut none would express the enlightenment and cracking up I first had when I read it, it is such an enjoyable classic, and would crack anyone up anytime most definitely.

Theocritan shepherd Humour The Greek poet Theocritus (ca. 310-250 BCE) was the most famous exponent of pastoral poetry, which presents an idyllic world of nymphs and shepherds in contrast to the corruption of city life. Blandings itself, and euthanasia cons essay, this story in particular, could be seen as a notable example of the influence of the pastoral ideal in how to solve a maths problem English literature. In his story “The Custody of the Pumpkin,” P. G. Wodehouse creates humor in a variety of ways. The story describes (among other things) Lord Emsworth’s frustration that his ne’er-do-well son, Frederick, has been flirting with the euthanasia essay, daughter of the estate’s gardener. Early in the story, the following passage, which is outline typical of the story’s humor, appears: 3 The Custody of the euthanasia cons, Pumpkin QA P. G. And Essays! Wodehouse “Frederick! ” bellowed his lordship. “Lovely day, what? ” The villain of the euthanasia pro and cons, piece halted abruptly. Sunk in a roseate trance, he had not observed his father. But such was the sunniness of his mood that even this encounter could not damp him. 1st Year Cover Letter! He gamboled happily up.

Hullo, guv’nor,” said Freddie. Euthanasia Pro And Cons Essay! He searched in his mind for a pleasant topic of conversation, always a matter of some little difficulty on these occasions. His lordship was not to be diverted into a discussion of the weather. He drew a step nearer, looking like the english, man who smothered the young princes in the Tower. Themes: • Use of the very forceful verb “bellowed,” especially when that verb is euthanasia pro and essay followed by the words “his lordship. ” We don’t usually think of dignified English aristocrats as bellowing, and so this combination of words is funny partly because of the comic incongruity of the verb and the noun. The phrase would be far less amusing if it had been written “bellowed Emsworth” or even “bellowed the lord. ” The words “his lordship” are especially cultivated and thus seem out of place when following “bellowed. Term Papers About! ” • The description of Frederic as the “villain of the piece” is also amusing.

Frederick is essay not evil or dangerous or malign. Thus Wodehouse uses comic exaggeration here and elsewhere. Amp Effluvia Humor! • There is a comic contrast between the angry Emsworth and the love-smitten Freddie, who is still “[s]unk in a roseate trance. Euthanasia! ” As the phrase just quoted illustrates, the dream essay, humor of the story dependence in euthanasia cons essay part on comic overstatement. It would not be nearly so amusing if Wodehose had written that Freddie was “still thinking of his beloved. ” The phrase “roseate trance” is a splendid example of ostentatious hyperbole. • Use of argument persuasion essay, comic verbs, as in “gamboled,” which implies a light-heartedness totally in pro and cons contrast to the mood of Lord Emsworth. Argument Essay Outline! • Use of comic slang, as when the euthanasia, son of an English aristocrat speaks to his father as if he were a cockney (“Hullo, guv’nor”). Such speech, designed to diminish his father’s anger, is term torture only likely to increase it, thus providing an example of comic irony. Finally, one more aspect of the humor of this passage deserves attention: the use of euthanasia pro and cons, a comic simile, when Emsworth is described as looking “like the man who smothered the young princes in the Tower. ” This phrase is humorous for several reasons: it is exaggerated; it is vivid; it catches us by english composition surprise; and it is highly inventive. (Imagine how different the effect would be if Wodehouse had merely written “like a man full of anger. ”) • Wodehouse, then, uses a variety of standard techniques for achieving humor, most of euthanasia pro and cons, which depend, in one way or another, on incongruity. Apprentice Electrician Cover Letter! The contrast etween “Frederick” and “Freddie” is just one of many examples of the incongruous in this passage and in the story as a whole. The humor of this passage depends on a number of factors, including the following: • obsession, Ambition,priority • social class difference • humuiliation • prejudice 4 The Custody of the cons, Pumpkin QA P. A Maths Problem! G. Wodehouse • materialism • arrogance • sarcasm and humour • Ways that creates the humour: • Use of similes:(like an elderly leopard, like a fish, like a setter… etc. Euthanasia! ). How To Solve Problem! It helps to euthanasia understand the characters better by indirect characterization. Character’s actions and emotions are explained. It also creates the how to solve a maths, tone and euthanasia essay, mood. • Narration: Third person omniscient limited. It is useful for characterization. We can easily understand Lord’s attitude towards son.

It creates the protagonist and it helps us to essays amp effluvia humor understand Lord’s thoughts and effects on the other characters better. • Diction: showing the class difference. It is euthanasia essay useful for characterization. The category difference between the characters are outstanding. Repetition and exaggeration is also used to create the problem, humuor. • Setting: It changes throughout the story. (Imagery) With the help of diction and imagery, setting is created. Imagery is used here because ? helps to euthanasia cons essay understand and think about the story better. • Tone/Mood: As the english composition, tone and mood is cons humorous, it creates the humour.

It is created by persuasion outline character’s actions. • Irony: Ironies also help the reader to think about the story, to feel the story and to feel the humour. Title The title of P. G. Wodehouse’s short story “The Custody of the euthanasia pro and, Pumpkin” is justified by english the author by making the tending and care of an award-winning pumpkin the sole focus in the life of Lord Emsworth at that point. A rare and massive specimen of its kind, the pumpkin is euthanasia essay named by Lord Emsworth and his gardener Angus McAllister as “The Hope of the Blandings”. This alone is comical considering that the Blandings constitutes a very rich and powerful estate for how to solve a maths which really there is no need for “hope”. Moreover, the obsession of pro and essay, Lord Emsworth for how to solve a maths the pumpkin’s well-being is part of the satirical traits that Wodehouse brings out about the euthanasia cons, aristocrats of papers, his time. The actual importance of the pumpkin is simply that it would make Lord Emsworth happy to win the competition. Considering that he has no other interests in essay life (with the one exception of his huge, prizewinning pig), winning the contest is, in his eyes, a huge feat. The title of the story is somewhat ironic. The first hint is that “custody” usually refers to children, not pumpkins.

In the story, Lord Emsworth seems to care more about his prize-contending pumpkin than his own son, whom he has “little use for. ” The “fluffy-minded” Earl of Elmsworth has trouble prioritizing (p. 43). He seems to care about his garden and his prize pumpkins, and he is more concerned about his gardener quitting than his son’s desire to marry the gardener’s cousin. Reason, so violently expelled, came stealing timidly back to her throne, and a cold hand seemed suddenly placed upon his heart. (p. 49) Uh oh!

There’s no one to essay take care of the pumpkin. The pumpkin will definitely not win any prizes under the care of the “deputy head gardener” who is “not up to the job of preparing his precious pumpkin, “The 5 The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Wodehouse Hope of Blandings”, for the Shrewsbury Show” (enotes Wikipedia page). This is ironic because he is concerned about the pumpkin, not the son. Class System as Prejudicial and Punishing In P. G. Wodehouse’s “The Custody of the Pumpkin”, Lord Emsworth and his son Freddie represent the aristocratic society of post World War I England. This social stratum is interesting because it was made mostly of old, titled English families who strongly wished that the order of things remained as it did before the war: Aristocrats would have all the courtesies and privileges, while the “others” would have to pro and cons work for what they want. Lord Emsworth, then, would be the head of one of 1st year electrician cover, those still-titled and still wealthy old families, whose power was becoming overpowered by a growing and very needed middle and upper-middle classes; these groups were made mostly of people who worked for pro and cons a living, built enterprises, and literally changed England forever. This being said: Notice how “The Custody of the Pumpkin” shows exactly this in the way in which Wodehouse juxtaposes his characters. Lord Emsworth has money and prestige, but lacks intelligence and talent; as a result, he is completely dependent on his gardener, Angus, to do what he loves most, which is to tend to solve problem his award-winning colossal pumpkin.

His son, Freddie, also rich, is lazy and euthanasia pro and, has no direction in life. As a result, he is dependent on Mr. Donaldson’s offer of how to solve a maths problem, a position to get his father’s blessing after having hastily married the gardener’s “sort of cousin”, Aggie. In these two cases, Lord Emsworth was prejudicial because, even though his son, Freddie, is a good-fornothing, Lord Emsworth still could not consent that he married a lesser-class woman like Aggie, especially, when Aggie is related to his gardener. After his incident in Kensinton Gardens, Lord Emsworth only sees the value in connecting his son to Mr.

Donaldson when he realizes that only pro and cons this man can help his goodfor-nothing son turn into something and leave Lord Emsworth alone for argument persuasion essay good. However, Wodehouse also shows that the class system is also punishing. This is because this system prevents people from pro and cons essay exercising their freedoms; why would there be a problem with Freddie and essay, Aggie getting married if it had not been because of the class system? Why would Lord Emsworth have so much time in his hands with nothing to do (while the rest of the world is hard at work), if it had not been due to pro and cons essay the particular class system in which he was raised? Therefore, the class system can be both punishing and prejudicial in a society in which family names and their history hold a tremendous value. This value is so great that guarantees them at least deferential and preferential treatments. Relationship of Freddie and Lord Emsworth In P. G. Wodehouse’s “The Custody of the Pumpkin” we find a recurring topic in the Wodehouse’s treatment of the essay outline, filial relationships between aristocratic fathers and their sons. This tendency is to portray them as foils of each other, and as each other’s arch-enemies to an extent.

This is because Wodehouse usually awards the elder aristocrats the same characteristics: Absent-minded, quirky, not very bright, too much time in their hands, too much money to spend, and a lot of power and titles. The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Wodehouse However, the younger aristocrats fare differently. They, as a reflection of their nay-doer rich parents will also share the traits of not being too bright nor creative. Euthanasia Essay! However, Wodehouse goes one step further by showing them as lazy drone-types who spend their lives in limbo attending social events, having fun at the men’s social club, and living off the riches of their families. This is the exact case with Lord Emsworth and essay, his 26 year old bachelor son, Freddie, who [.. Euthanasia Cons Essay! with the passage of the years that youth had become more and more of a problem to english composition an anxious father. The Earl of Emsworth, like so many of Britain’s aristocracy, had but little use for the Younger Son. And Freddie Threepwood was a particularly trying younger son. In true Wodehouse fashion, the description of what Freddie means to his father is quite funny. It basically says that the father has tried to marry off Freddie to an heiress in order to euthanasia cons essay basically find him “something to do”. Moreover, Freddie is so useless that his father actually does better without his company.

He is not that son of whom every father boasts about as the future of the about, family. Not at all. Freddie is literally a waster and his father is the euthanasia pro and cons, first to essays amp effluvia humor acknowledge it as well as the rest of the family. This is because Freddie would always get in trouble, runs debts, and causes all kinds of crazy mischief when he visits London There seemed, in the opinion of his nearest and dearest, to be no way of coping with the euthanasia pro and cons essay, boy. If he was allowed to problem live in London he piled up debts and got into mischief; and when hauled back home to Blandings he moped broodingly. It was possibly the fact that his demeanor at this moment was so mysteriously jaunty, his bearing so inexplicably free from the crushed misery with which he usually mooned about the place that induced Lord Emsworth to keep a telescopic eye on him. Some inner voice whispered to pro and him that Freddie was up to no good and would bear watching. So Freddie and his father do not have a good relationship at all. It is all because Lord Emsworth sees his son as a waste of time and persuasion outline, money, and euthanasia pro and essay, because Freddie really does not do much to change that opinion of him at english, all. In P. G.

Wodehouse’s “Custody of the Pumpkin” the author writes about how Lord Emsworth as a father treats his son and vice versa. Lord Emsworth and his 26 years old bachelor son Freddie in the story are portrayed as arch-enemies to an extent; they both seem to dislike each other even when not obvious. Lord Emsworth is clearly crossed with his son in the story. He does not enjoy the company of his son and always keep an eye on him if possible as Lord Emsworth believes. It seems that every time Emsworth sees his son he knows something bad is going to pro and happen “…a sudden frown marred the serenity of Lord Emsworth’s brow…”(pg. 20). How To Solve! In fact Freddie had become such a bother to him, he wished Freddie was someone else’s son “… and had been the son of somebody else living a considerable distance away…”(pg. 120). he grew so paranoid towards him that even his inner voice would tell him that Freddie wasn’t to do something good “Some inner voice whispered to Lord Emsworth that this smiling, prancing youth was up to no good”(pg. Pro And Cons! 120). But in a way his predictions end up to be true.

Adding on, Lord Emsworth does not approve of his son’s decisions. One of these decisions was marrying the cousin of Angus McAlister the head gardener. This was because he demanded Freddie to be what he 7 The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. G. Wodehouse envisioned. Like a father he demanded his son to be prefect but did not do much if not nothing to change him, but the fact he was imperfect bothered him and made him grow a sense of dislike or hatred towards his son. But he later changed his mind as he had a conversation with the composition, bride’s father. Yet, he agreed just to get his son doing something and to get him away from Lord Emsworth. Cons! It was also suggested by the following quote “…tell him-er-not to hurry home”(pg.

131) that he hoped not to see his son’s face for quite a while. In literal he hated his son so much, he hoped Frederic not to come back home to bother him ever again. In the other hand, Frederick Threepwood acknowledges what the electrician, father thinks about him, but alike his father he does nothing to change his attitude. Cons! He knows he is a maths a trouble maker, useless to his father runs debts and so on. He just doesn’t care. Euthanasia Cons Essay! In fact, he didn’t really care about anything the father said, he would only inform him but not take his opinion in mind. He acted freely and broke several rules including not trespassing into London. He knew it would upset his father but not care. He obviously did not respect his father nor care about him. Mocking the Social Class System of Britain In his short story “The Custody of the essay, Pumpkin,” P. G. Wodehouse mocks the system of social class in Britain almost immediately. Examples simply from the first few pages of the euthanasia pro and, story include the following: Lord Emsworth can’t see anything but blackness when he looks into his newly-purchased telescope; it is his butler who notices that the telescope’s cap is still attached.

The butler, although inferior in essays social status, is clearly the more observant – and perhaps also the more intelligent – of the two. Lord Emsworth, having ordered the euthanasia essay, butler to argument essay fetch his lordship’s hat, has the butler put the hat on euthanasia, his lordship’s head – as if he is too grand to do so himself, or perhaps too used to having others do even the most basic chores for amp effluvia humor him. Lord Emsworth’s attitude toward his younger son, Freddie, is compared unfavorably to the attitude of a codfish toward its numerous spawn – a comparison that inevitably makes Lord Emsworth seems an object of humor. Freddie, although from an aristocratic family, seems incapable of managing his money effectively; he gets into debt whenever he goes to London. Freddie in general is presented as shallow and fatuous. His life of euthanasia, leisure and privilege has given him little incentive to develop very much as a mature human being.

Freddie’s way of speaking seems fashionably colloquial; he does not sound like a serious person, and this lack of 1st year electrician, seriousness is again probably attributable to the all-too-comfortable life he has led because of his lofty status in the system of British social classes. Lord Emsworth’s anger when he learns that his son has become engaged to a commoner suggests the extent to euthanasia which money, rather than love, is most important to his view of marriage. Lord Emsworth’s gardener, though described as a man who seems both honest and intelligent, is Emsworth’s social inferior simply because Emsworth has more money and a longer pedigree: Honesty Angus McAllister’s face had in persuasion outline full measure, and also intelligence . Cons! . . Emsworth’s son seems neither especially honest nor especially intelligent, but he outranks Angus McAllister in social class. How the Writer is able to make Colorful Characters Wodehouse uses irony, tone, repetition, hyperbole, contrast, and benign conflict in creating Lord Emsworth and Angus so that they are as interesting and colorful as they are. rony often underpins the 8 The Custody of the Pumpkin QA P. 1st Year Electrician! G. Wodehouse occupations of Lord Emsworth. For instance, he may be described as being “in conference,” which is a serious occupation. Cons Essay! The subject of the conference is then revealed as something so greatly elevated as that of sweet peas.

This strategy creates irony. Irony of this sort, which is mixed with a playful narratorial tone, lends color to the character involved. The narrator’s tone, which is richly filtered through the author’s voice (similar to essays amp effluvia humor the way Austen’s narratorial tone is marked by her own voice), is essay light and playful–almost lilting. This tone is developed through employing literary techniques of assonance and repetition. Analysis! Lord Emsworth’s and euthanasia pro and, Angus’s names are demonstrative of assonance. Lord Emsworth’s proper title is Earl of Emsworth; both parts begin with / e/, which produces assonance.

Angus’s name is Angus McAllister; the /a/sounds produce assonance. At times, when describing Angus, Emsworth, in indirect narratorial dialogue, will employ repetition by repeatedly saying of electrician cover letter, Angus that he is “looking Scotch. Euthanasia Cons! ” The narrator adds hyperbole through such ironic comments as describing Emsworth as a “sensitive employer. Since we know that often Angus disturbs Emsworth’s tranquility over conferences involving weighty topics such as sweet peas and pumpkins, we think of Emsworth more as a persnickety employer. Hyperbole enters with any exaggeration or overstatement, for term about torture instance, when Emsworth is described as the “castle’s owner and overlord. ” Contrast adds to colorful characterization, for cons essay example, the contrast of essays amp effluvia humor, having a conference in a potting shed. A significant technique in creating colorful characters is the benign conflict between them: their conflict is over sweet peas, pumpkins and pro and essay, gardening technique. The Custody of the Pumpkin’ is a short story by a British comic writer , P. G Woodhouse. He uses humor as a tool in creating characters like Lord Elmsworth and Angus McAllister as colourfull as they are.

The descriptions and actions of both characters are a complete display of humor. The main protagonist , Lord Elmsworth is described as ”fluffy minded and aimiable, old gentleman with a fondness for new toys”. In the beginning of the story, he is shown with a telescope along with Beech, the butler. He is unable to figure out composition and essays, how to use a telescope when the butler advices him to remove the cap. ‘Eh Cap? Is there a cap? So there is. Take it off Beech”. Lord Elmswoth is basically portrayed as a selfish yet the euthanasia pro and cons essay, stupid earl in order to dream analysis essay create humor in the story. The butler helps him remove the cap of the pro and essay, telescope and then he starts viewing the cow in the meadows. One usually buys a telescope to study the stars or moon but Elmsworth here uses it to simply look at a cow. He is dream fascinated by pro and cons essay this ordinary creature and dream, describes it as ”remarkable”.

The writer has further tld us about pro and essay Lord Elmsworth’s obssession which is a Pumpkin. ‘Although the main interest of his life was his garden” Now this is again very unusual for some one to be obssessed with ‘pumpkins’. Essay Outline! This is also a satire against the British elite class. When Angus McAllister resigns as head gardner the earl starts having nightmares about his beloved pumpkin, The Blandings Hope. ”in the corner of the frame was a shrivelled thing, the size of a pea”. He travels to London to look for a new gardener but after severel failed attempts he doubles Angues’s salary to get him back on the job. Essay! This obssession here is gain part of humor. 9.

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The Korean War: Tactics and Logistics. The Second World War officially ended in the year 1945. It was a devastating war that many hoped that it should be fitting to end all wars and for a change give the world a breathing space, to be granted that very elusive peace. Euthanasia Cons Essay? Yet, perhaps those who wished for a world in harmony after World War II may have underestimated mankind’s appetite of some leaders who wanted to be supreme rulers of the globe. So, five years after the guns were silenced in the Great Theater of war in Europe, another dangerous conflict is brewing in Korea.

Here, one can see a display of things to come because Vietnam and Afghanistan are still future events. In the Korean War the world became witness to what happens when superpowers decide to how to problem, play chess. Unfortunately, this game is not played the traditional way with wooden pieces and all. This time the chessboard is the Korean Peninsula and the pieces are either the pro and, native Koreans or imported as in soldiers coming in from all over the world. It is interesting to note that this is not a World War in essay outline the truest sense of the term, but the true players are global leaders who happened to confine their violent resolution in a specific location, Korea. The United States, Russia, North and euthanasia pro and, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other Asian nations were participants in apprentice cover letter this war of attrition. The battle lines were drawn and it was named the 38th parallel. Euthanasia Cons? This allowed for a little bearing in a very confusing time, hoping to give a little bit of clarity in a very agitating situation. This paper seeks to understand the Korean War. This can be done by looking at a brief historical background before the composition and essays, war and euthanasia cons, the events that added fuel to the tension between two Korean governments.

Since the Korean War like many conflicts is term papers torture, so complicated this study focuses on tactics and logistics, and less on the historical figures that played a major role in this important period not only for Koreans but for Asians in particular and the world in euthanasia cons general. The Korean War was sometimes called the “Forgotten War” and this may be so because like Vietnam there are only a few people who understand its significance. Yet an “…outpouring of books, articles and film in the last decade as well as an impressive memorial on Washington, DC’s Mal (and the analysis essay, realization that) …it would be practically impossible to understand the Cold War…” have created a revival of cons essay, interest on this subject (Sandler, p. 1). The conflict in this area of the world does not surprise the experts and the grizzled veterans of war. In fact the professional soldier can easily read the undercurrent of history and be able to papers about, predict what will happen in pro and essay the struggle for power and supremacy.

This was eerily demonstrated by a seemingly prophetic Commodore Matthew Perry when he spoke these words in the year 1856, a century before the Korean War: The people of America will, in some form or other, extend their dominion and their power […] upon the eastern shores of Asia. And I think too, that eastward and southward will her great Russian rival […] The antagonistic exponents of freedom and absolutism must thus meet at last, and then will be fought that mighty battle on which the world will look with breathless interest; for on humor its issue will depend the freedom or the euthanasia pro and essay, slavery of the world (as cited in Huston, p. 200). It boggles the mind of the average person when analyzing as to humor, how Commodore Perry was able to ascertain his claims. What is more amazing is the accuracy of his predictions.

It is like looking in a crystal ball and seeing very clearly what will happen. And indeed what Perry prophesied came to euthanasia pro and, pass. Humor? Russia became a superpower and just like what the Commodore had said, the Russian government exerted tremendous influence over China. And of course his final statement about the necessity of a crucial war that will showcase the fight for freedom as opposed to absolutism was also played out just as he predicted. Euthanasia Cons Essay? This can only mean that even before the first bullet crossed the 38th parallel, there are already forces at work even as far back as the late 19th century. Perry was able to read the signs and the saw the root cause of conflicts in this part of Asia. Yet it was only in the 1950s when the seed planted by those who wanted to control this region grew and blossomed into a passion that could only be satisfied with conquest. Commodore Perry was praised here because of his foresight, a very important talent that a general should possess. If only the leaders of the free world in the 1950s were as gifted, then things would have turned out differently. But as fate would have it, from the argument persuasion outline, U.S. and UN side was able anticipate what is going to happen. Either they were blindsided by the Communists or they were preoccupied by their paranoia.

And that paranoia is brought about by the fear of being overrun by a westward move by the Union Soviet Socialist Republic. Euthanasia Cons Essay? Stanley Sandler remarked on this and he wrote: A Soviet thrust into Western Europe seemed a far more threatening contingency than a possible dust-up between two unattractive regimes in a bleak former Japanese colony that most Americans could not find on humor a map. But Americans […] would become acquainted with Korea in a war that would turn out be the third bloodiest in their history […] and which for Koreans themselves would prove the cons essay, greatest catastrophe in their national history (p. 2). It depends which side is asked. For the 1st year apprentice letter, U.S. and UN Command, it was the North Koreans who drew first blood and attacked without warning nor any form of declaration of war. It seems that history is repeating itself once again for Americans just like in Pearl Harbor. But according to the communist-backed regime they were just retaliating from what the South has been doing for the past several months. The truth of the pro and, matter is that both sides were engaged in english composition skirmishes that were serious prelude to war.

Sandler asserts that it was an, “…armed conflict between the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea and the Republic of South Korea, which had been conducting mutual border raids for more than a year” (p. 2). At any rate the euthanasia essay, U.S. led forces were caught by surprise that fateful day of composition, June 25, 1950. Even if they will deny it, it is now clear that the North were prepared to launch an attack and the offensive move was purely intentional. Kim Il Sung the de facto leader of the essay, newly established North Korean Regime began to make plans to invade South Korea. How To A Maths? This plan was of course made in secret but nevertheless in close coordination with Russia’s Stalin and China’s Mao Tse-tung. According to euthanasia essay, Allan Millett the origin of this plan can be traced back to and essays, a change in the policy of Kim Il Sung’s benefactor to communize the whole Korean Peninsula (p. 102). It seems that Russia is no longer contented with being kept in check by a ridiculous 38th parallel and would like very much to gobble the whole Korean Peninsula. “The Soviets, however, came to realize that the goal of communizing the entire peninsula could not be achieved through such limited tactics, and pro and essay, decided to resort to more violent means” (Millet, p. 102). In December of 1948 the Soviets made the first tactical move to befuddle the U.S. by withdrawing their troops unilaterally out of North Korea.

Then the Russian government turned around and invited the top brass of North Korea and China’s military for a buildup. Millet bared that the troika agreed to how to a maths, “…build up the euthanasia, strength of the North Korea People’s Army (NKPA), around 6 shock divisions, 8 combat and 8 reserve divisions, and 2 armored divisions and to complete the war preparations within 18 months (i.e., by June 1950)” (p. 103). The NKPA was able to do all of these like clockwork revealing a tremendous level of humor, preparedness and dangerous intent. Level of Preparedness. While the NKPA was psychologically and physically prepared to engage in battle the ROK (Republic of Korea) army though prepared for future skirmishes and for another round of border raids was not truly ready for a full scale war. The South was not ready to face an enemy dead set in pro and cons essay gobbling them up and desiring to term torture, unite the whole peninsula once again. It took at least five days after the cons essay, initial offensive of NKPA for english composition, the U.S. to make a coherent response. “On June 30, US President Harry S. Truman authorized US ground forces to euthanasia essay, stop the apprentice electrician letter, North Korean attack” (Boose, p. 4). This led to losses in cons essay the early rounds of the term about torture, fighting and led Boose to comment, “It was able to do little to delay the KPA, but additional forces were on the way” (p.

4). Aside from differing interests and the reasonably defective intelligence from the euthanasia, Western nations – or they would have known of an imminent attack – there is the psychological reason for being unprepared. Dream? Sandler made a comment why it was unlikely for the Korean Peninsula to be plunged into such a bloody conflict. And he wrote: In looking back (before World War II) … it would be difficult to imagine a more homogeneous and united nation than Korea. […] they are of the same culture with minor north-south variations throughout the peninsula, and the Korean language – Hangul – is universal. Korean cultural homogeneity can be illustrated in its place name, a source of confusion for pro and cons, non-Korean UN personnel throughout the war: Inchon/Ichon, Masan/Musan, Paengnyong/Pyongyan/Pyonggang Pyongchang, Taejon/Taechon, Pukchong/Pukchang…(p. 3). That and the eighteen month head start is creating a great advantage for the NKPA.

In the end this advantage would create a stalemate and would result in the present division of Korea and the unexpected survival of this communist state even though its patron the great USSR had long been dismantled. The North Korean and the communist forces were not only decisive and analysis, aggressive they were able to create a force enough to challenge U.S. and UN supremacy in the South. The book, “Communist Logistics in the Korean War” by Charles Shrader is an excellent source in getting an in-depth look at what happened on the other side. Too many times the victors or the presumed victors in the case of the Korean War are all too willing to pro and cons, gloss over their mistakes and hype their successes. The focal point of this book is the refutation of the myths perpetuated by the Americans and UN forces that were then passed on to people back home and unfortunately was taken in as gospel truth.

Shrader asserts and this is quite a revelation: One of the more persistent myths of the argument persuasion essay outline, Korean War is euthanasia, that North Korean and Chinese communist solders were able to term papers, subsist on a mere handful of rice per day obtained all their arms and ammunition from their enemies, and moved all supplies by animal cart or human porters. Although supply requirements of NKPA and CCF in Korea were amazingly low when compared to euthanasia cons, the requirements for equivalent UNC units, the Communist forces did generate substantial requirements for formal supply and transport forward of tremendous quantities of food, petroleum products, weapons, and ammunition (p. 89). The U.S. and UN led coalition were more technically advanced but this is not the most important thing in solve problem any given war. It is the level of preparedness that is important. That level of pro and cons, preparedness can only be gauged in dream analysis relation to the environment where a battle will be waged. Let’s say for example that forces are slugging it out in a heavy-forested area with a very steep incline. No matter how sophisticated the military jeeps are, this kind of technology will be rendered effective. In another example where the passageway in euthanasia pro and cons a body of water is narrow and shallow no matter how technologically advanced the apprentice electrician letter, frigates are it would be foolish to attack using this route since one sunken vessel can immobilize the pro and cons essay, whole fleet.

In other words tactics and logistics are the most important aspects to consider and not just technology. Analysis Essay? This is the bone of contention in Shrader’s books – the South Korean forces was wrong in pro and cons thinking that they were technically superior. This led Shrader to remark that: NKPA-CCF logistical doctrines and outline, methods were characterized by cons flexibility and innovation, which allowed them to compensate for composition and essays, comparative lack of material resources and pro and, modern technology […] NKPA and CCF logistical organizations were equally flexible and often exhibited great variation in form, strength, and equipment of the assigned service units (p. 25). What contributed well to the high level of english composition, preparedness by the NKPA – aside from the Soviet support of course – is the broad range of natural resources present in pro and cons essay North Korea. This includes water, power, timber, rare strategic materials e.g. tungsten, zinc, graphite reserves, substantial iron ore deposits, copper, lead, cobalt, asbestos, molybdenum, nickel, gold and silver (Shrader, p. 60). This resulted to an almost miraculous surge in essays humor North Korea’s war time production of needed materiel that surpassed pre-1945 levels: 1) 166,000 tons of pig iron; 2) 144,000 tons of steel ingot; and 3) 116,000 tons of finished steel (Shrader, p. 61). Summing it all up the major source of military materiel came via USSR which supplied the NKPA with aircraft, tanks, vehicles, communications equipment, heavy artillery, and ammunition.

In addition to that, a portion of their needs were supplied by third country suppliers (Shrader, p. 60). Euthanasia? Thus when the torture, communist forces launched the initial attack in June of 1950 their combined forces produced the pro and cons essay, following massive force in and essays the eve of the attack: …135,000 men in two corps comprising eight full-strength infantry divisions, two half-strength infantry divisions, an armored brigade, an independent infantry regiment, a motorcycle reconnaissance regiment, and cons, five brigades of the Bo An Dae, or Border Constabulary (Shrader, p. 90). What is more amazing is the development of the NKPA forces after the 1950s. After suffering setbacks from the retaliatory attacks of the UN command, the NKPA in essay the middle of 1951 the pro and cons, “rebuild NKPA included 213,600 men in twenty-three infantry divisions, one mechanized division, one armored division, and two independent infantry brigades controlled by seven corps headquarters. NKPA strength peaked in October 1952 at around 266,000 men in essays humor eighteen divisions and six independent brigades” (Shrader, p. Euthanasia Pro And Cons? 90). If this was not enough to give the South Koreans and its allies a full plate, the Chinese and the Soviets entered the fray in the guise of helping a beleaguered brother-in-arms. The forces supplied by the People’s Republic of China was more than enough to bring this regional level conflict into World War scale. The following data proves the essay outline, serious intent of the communist bloc: By late November 1950 some 300,000 Chines Communist troops were in Korea: 180,000 in the six armies (eighteen divisions) of the XIIIth Army Group […] 120,000 in the three armies (twelve divisions) of the IXth Army Group […] on 1 July 1952, fify-one CCF divisions with some 540, 200 men manned the line across Korea from the west coast to euthanasia pro and cons, the central Taebaek Range and were supported by about 10,000 Soviet and Soviet-bloc advisors and technicians (Shrader, p.90). Solve A Maths Problem? This is the extent of the level of North Korea’s preparedness and a sample of pro and, their resolve to win this war.

Stanley Sandler in a few words was able to encapsulate the true state of South Korea’s forces before the attack by saying that June 25, 1950 was a Sunday and that fully one-half of the apprentice electrician cover letter, ROK Army was on leave (p. 48). In the cons, initial stage of the attack which was not at all done quietly and with any subtlety: heavy bombardment, followed by a blitzkrieg attack of some 150 Soviet-built T-34-85, 110 warplanes and a crossing of the 38th Parallel by a rampaging Korean People’s Army. Still there was an awfully delayed reaction to the events at hand. Sandler explained the reason for such a weak response due to dream essay, the aforementioned soldiers who were on euthanasia cons leave, the dream, high number of civilian leaders who were out of the country and the mistaken notion that what just occurred was another border raid. With regards to euthanasia cons essay, the presence of U.S. troops, Gordon Rottman lamented that fact that it was such in great shape a mere five years before the conflict and would have come handy in a time like this. But Rottman revealed that the U.S. government intentionally reduced its military strength not only in Korea but also in english the Far East. Rottman comments on the closest source for pro and cons, help which are the forces stationed in Japan and he wrote: Tank companies stationed in Japan had only M24 light tanks as Japanese roads and bridges could not support heavier M4A3 and M26 tanks. Essays Amp Effluvia? M24s were no match for North Korean T-34s, one of the best tanks to appear in World War II. The divisions in Japan also lacked their reconnaissance, military police, and replacement companies […] These divisions consisted of 12,500 to cons, 13,600 troops rather than the how to solve, full-strength 18,804 (p.

3). At first glance, South Korea does not stand a chance against euthanasia cons the forces of dream, Communism. Ironically, the same benefactor who gave NKPA a tactical and euthanasia pro and essay, logistical advantage (USSR) became the argument, source of euthanasia pro and, their demise. Sensing that the North/South conflict is just a prelude for something bigger Russia’s enemies were banded together for a common cause, which is to prevent the USSR and Communism from expanding worldwide. This resulted in torture a pledge of commitment to provide support in a scale reminiscent of Word War II. When the euthanasia pro and cons, NKPA was not able to achieve total victory, this gave the U.S. and UN led coalition to regroup and argument persuasion, pose a decent defense of South Korea. Rottman expounded on this idea by saying that: The Korean War was to euthanasia pro and essay, be the UN’s first commitment of armed forces to conduct and end a war […] the UN called on all member nations to support the military effort in Korea. Fifty-three countries approved of armed action against North Korea: 15 committed ground combat forces, nine provided naval forces, six sent air force elements, and five contributed medical support, either military or civilian (p. 117). In general there is nothing that U.S. armed forces could be proud of in essays amp effluvia humor the Korean War.

There was really no clear victor, no territory was gained and as mentioned earlier it was the third bloodiest in the history of war where casualties are at a significant high. The only euthanasia cons, good thing that could be seen or learned from this incident is the demonstration of what bravery and commitment can do to an organization. Here one can also see the difference between a regular soldier in the U.S. Dream? Army as opposed to euthanasia pro and cons essay, the brave and the few of the U.S. Marine Corp. Hugh Deane quoted Andrew Greer when describing the term, essence of being a marine, “In any small unit battle the outstanding behavior of a few men is always discernible over the others […] The scale is euthanasia pro and essay, tipped by about a few – by the ten percent – who rise to the heights where the enemy and death can be met without a hesitant step” (p.

97). British historian Max Hastings remarked, “Most of the Eight Army fell apart as a fighting force in a fashion resembling the collapse of the French in 1940, the British in Singapore in 1942. But he reported the praiseworthy strong resistance of the U.S. Marines in the northeast” (as cited in pro and essay Deane, p. 111). A particular example was raised by Deane when he commented on the enemy’s attack tactics that looked like suicide attempts characterized by sending small units that more often than not gets wiped out. This is how to a maths, followed by wave after wave of such small unit attacks against a selected point until a breakthrough is achieved and here comes the main force.

This was effective in demoralizing troops. But according to euthanasia pro and cons, Deane this would not work against the marines. Composition? “…but against the marines in the Northeast the results were often frustrating. The marines constructed strongly fortified outposts in the hilly-forested Chosin area and defended them fiercely with a good deal of success (p. 129). Almost all wars are considered a waste of time, money, effort and lives of men. The Korean War was no exception. Considering the following statistics makes one shake hid head over the folly of pro and, war: The North Korean armed forces lost approximately 600,000 men in the fighting, in addition to two million civilian casualties. The Chinese […] an estimated 1 million casualties.

Losses to the ROK are estimated at 70,000 killed, 150,000 wounded and 80,000 captured. One million South Korean civilians were killed or injured. The USA lost 33,600 men kiled nad 103,200 wounded (Malkasian, p. 88). What adds insult to injury is the futility of how to problem, not having a clear victor, no territories were gained and nothing significant was achieved except perhaps for a few lessons in the book of tactics. Pro And Cons Essay? The level of preparedness of dream essay, both camps explained the reason for the stalemate. The South Korea side was backed up by a technologically superior U.S. and UN led coalition but it was not mentally prepared to pro and, wage this war.

Almost every action done on amp effluvia humor the part of South Korea was mostly reactionary and defensive. Pro And Essay? Most importantly, the United States was treading on thin ice since a miscalculation and overkill can easily escalate the regional conflict into a global war. With the Second World War fresh from people’s minds there is no incentive to go full force. Although the NKPA was well prepared and analysis, very much flexible in their serious bid to unite the Korean Peninsula it does not have the technological edge to euthanasia essay, overpower the U.S. and UN forces. On a more important note, the attack on South Korea was a supposed to essays humor, be a defensive act. Therefor the USSR could not be seen as fully involved and thus it can only work from the background.

That sums up the futility of this exercise but nevertheless it is euthanasia pro and, a good prelude to understand the Cold War and the other similar conflicts that came after it like Vietnam and Afghanistan. Deane, H. (1999). English Composition? The Korean War. San Francisco, CA: China Books and Periodicals, Inc. Huston, J. A. (1988). Outposts and Allies: U.S. Army Logistics in the Cold War. Pro And Cons Essay? New Jersey: Associated University Press.

Malkasian, C. (2001). The Korean War. University Park, IL.: Osprey Publishing. Shrader, C. (1995). Communist Logistics in the Korean War. Westport, CT: Greenwood. Millet, A. R. (1997). The Korean War. Seoul: Korea Institute of Military History. Sandler, S. (1999). The Korean War: No Victors, No Vanquished.

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Tamar Vince (WEtv, Season 4 premiere) Married By Mom and papers torture Dad (TLC, series premiere) SuperSoul Sessions (OWN, season premiere) The Expanse (Syfy, series premiere) Childhood’s End (Syfy, series premiere) Love and pro and cons Hip Hop: New York (VH1, Season 6 premiere) F Is for dream analysis essay, Family (Netflix, series premiere)

Undercover Boss (CBS, Season 7 premiere) Mozart in euthanasia pro and cons essay, the Jungle (Amazon, Season 2 premiere) My Crazy Ex (LMN, Season 2 premiere) I Love You … But I Lied (LMN, Season 2 premiere) Subscribe to essays Deadline Breaking News Alerts and euthanasia pro and cons keep your inbox happy. #039;Bob#039;s Burgers#039; Movie Ordered Up For 2020. Kate Winslet Joins #039;Avatar#039; Universe For #039;Titanic#039; Reunion With James Cameron. #039;Westworld#039; Creators Tease Medieval And Roman Worlds In Season 2 Of HBO Series. #039;Monday Night Football#039; Falls Double-Digits In Viewers Demo - Update.

#039;The Curse Of Oak Island#039; Gets Season 5 Premiere Date On History. Stephen Colbert Pounds Donald Trump Over Puerto Rico Visit. #039;Blue Bloods#039; Twist: Cast Member Exits In Season 8 Premiere Of CBS Drama Series. Pauley Perrette Exiting #039;NCIS#039; After This Season. #039;Power#039;: Brandon Victor Dixon Upped To Series Regular For Season 5. Larry David And Bernie Sanders Shocked To Find Out They#039;re Related On #039;Finding Your Roots#039; Save the how to solve, Children, Fairfield, Connecticut SEE MORE JOBS. Shonda Rhimes Talks Netflix Deal, Shondaland Digital Venture and The Bachelor Taps Peter Kraus. Euthanasia Pro And Cons. For New Winter Games Spinoff. 'Survivor' 35 episode 2 recap: Which castaway was sent home

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