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Golden Gate Bridge

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araby essay prompt What striking images help you understand the Golden Gate narrator's feelings? What reveals the narrator's attitude toward his home? What do you know about the physical appearance of the an essay narrator? What do you know about how he thinks? As a follow-up posting, respond to a classmate's thoughts about the narrator in the story. Do you agree or disagree with their interpretations? Why? #2.

The narrator not only right away begins portraying his home as a dark and dreary place, but continues to Bridge show its downfalls in just about e. cassirer every sentence throughout the entire script. In the first paragraph he says his street is Gate Bridge, blind, quiet and zen in the art essays on creativity, the houses gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces. Throughout the story he says the weather is dark and rainy, the houses are silent, his room is high cold empty gloomy, and musty air filtered through every room. I definitely agree! You brought up amazing point.

The quote you chose really shows how he feels. When he describes the Bridge houses as brown, it shows that they are plain or boring. If he had chosen a bright color it would give a different feeling. I definitely agree Kelti! The narrator doesn't stop describing how sad his home is.

This shows how much it must impact his life and who he is becoming. #2 In the first two paragraphs the homework articles narrator really lets you know how he feels about his house and street. In the first two sentences alone he uses the word blind twice and talks about how detached some of the houses are to the rest of the neighborhood. He also wastes no time in telling you about the former owner of his house. . a priest, had died in the back drawing room. He then continues to talk about how his house is musty and Gate Bridge, full of useless papers. The narrator makes the scene very dark and dreary. He portrays his feelings about on man his home very well.

I would agree! The repetitive, somber words show that he is not fond of where he lives. Those are good points to notice, the priest bit of info really has nothing to do with anything, but definitely add emotion to the story for Golden us as readers. I would agree with Celeste. He describes his home, and introduction, street where he lives as dark and dreary, and I think the fact that he mentions the dead priest is important because it adds to the overall message that the place is dead, with no excitement or life. I agree with you Celeste! I had never thought much about how the priest dying there was really important to the house details, but I agree with Hannah, who says it adds to the overall message that the place, like the priest is dead. Bridge! Very good ideas! I agree- the narrator doesn't hold back when describing his house, which ultimately reveals how he feels about it.

I think these descriptions are important because it shows his outlook on life in general. Celeste I love the examples you chose. Writing Seattle University! They fit well with the question you answered. The narrator makes it easy to Gate Bridge figure out the tone. He starts off with depressing diction and maintains it throughout the short story. Well done my friend! #2 Right off the bat, the narrator uses striking images to portray the homework should narrators attitute towards his home. He uses descriptive words to set his tone; In the first paragraph he describes his home as blind, quite, and uninhabited. Throughout the rest of the Gate Bridge story, the narrator continues this tone as he talks about the houses growing somber, the place being hostile to romance and the multiple times he references darkness. His descriptive words reveal an attitude that his home is boring, dreary, and lacking life and excitement.

I agree with you in that he does not like his home or anyplace he lives. None of those words imply that he even like the whole neighborhood. Number 2. The narrator's strong word choice reveals his feelings toward his home. Creative Writing University! For instance, he first off describes how boring his street is by saying . was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian Brothers' School set the Golden Bridge boys free. Homework Should Be Banned Articles! Obviously if that's the Golden most exciting thing that happens all day, then it must be a boring street to live on.

He also describes the people as having brown, imperturbable faces, which means they are not easily excited. The second paragraph, describing his home, also goes to show he isn't too ecstatic to be living there. Should Articles! He uses words with negative connotations like musty, useless, and straggling to describe the house and what's in it, giving you the impression that the house isn't exactly a place you'd particularly want to live in. I agree with you. You bring up a good point by Golden, talking about the father introduction negative connotation he used when describing the house and the street he lives on. Number 1: The author is very descriptive throughout the story, but especially when he is describing the narrator's dream in Golden, the market place. The dream is vivid imagery, showing the reader exactly how much the narrator is infatuated with the girl.

The quote But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires. describes the infatuation, or crush, perfectly. On Man! It shows how he almost has no control over his feelings for her. At the Golden Gate Bridge end of the story we also see vivid imagery describing how the e. cassirer an essay on man narrator feels. The quote, Gazing up into the darkness I say myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger. Bridge! This quote reveals to the reader, the anger and feeling of loss that the narrator is introduction, experiencing because of his expectations, for both the Bridge bazaar and the infatuation, being shattered. I agree.

I like how you connected the harp and how it represents that he almost has no control over his feelings for her. You had really good ideas! Excellent way to put it. I liked your reference to the final line and your explanation on what it means. I'd like to father essay add just a general observation.

The narrator's contrast between light and dark seem to convey how he feels towards most subjects. For instance, the Gate first light adjective he uses is to describe that he and his friends glowed after a day of playing. This playing is one of the addressing in an essay to few things he seems to truly enjoy about his life. Gate Bridge! I like your connections between the bazaar and in an essay be sure, his infatuation. They are both the representing the same symbol but are two different things. When he has his epiphany about one, the other is also shattered.

Number 2: The narrator's strong and Golden Gate, vivid word choice reveals his attitude toward his home and father, street. First he describes the street with words like “uninhabited”, “dark” and Golden Gate, “quiet”. These words create a lonely and should be banned, dark first impression of his home. “ Our shouts echoed in the silent street”, suggest that the street was empty and desolate. Then he describes that the houses “ gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces.” He continues to Golden state that “ The former tenant of our house, a priest, had died in the back drawing room”, this quote adds to homework articles the already dark and dreary setting. In my opinion you're right on Golden Bridge the money. Those are all the same things that I noticed set his mood towards the when essay be sure to part of Dublin where he lived. I agree with you about how his home is Gate, dark and dreary, but I think it's not as dreary as he puts it out to be because his love might cloud him impression of his home. #3 We know nothing about the speaker's appearance, or even how old he is, even though we can guess. We do know that he thinks mostly about the girl, putting all of his focus on her because she is the happiest thing in his life. Zen In The Art On Creativity! However, he just thinks negatively about where he lives, using dark adjectives. Gate! Number 3: It's almost surprising how little we know about the narrator's physical appearance.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a boy both because his romantic interest is a girl and because his uncle refers to him as boy on e. cassirer one occasion. We know that he looks with his eyes, holds with his hands, and plays in Bridge, the streets with other boys. Beyond this, however, we can only begin assuming. The narrator never tells us whether he is university, tall or short, fat or thin, or the color of his eyes and hair. This lack of Bridge physical description was, of course, purposeful, and serves to enhance the symbolism of the story. Although we as the readers are unable to picture the narrator very clearly, we are allowed access to his thoughts. We learn much more about in an essay be sure to how he thinks than about what he looks like. For instance, we know that he views adults skeptically or with outright disgust because of his suggestion that the school is a prison, which would make his schoolmasters the imprisoners. Another way that this is Golden Bridge, exemplified is in his description of Mrs. Mercer an old garrulous woman, a pawnbroker's wife, who collected used stamps for some pious purpose.

We also know, in regard to creative seattle university his thoughts, that he views the general setting of his life as grey and brown and either full of tedious studies or idiotic adults who are always getting in the way. Only a few things, like his crush and Araby, crack the trend of life and shoot their light rays in. One can see this when he begins describing things in Golden, detail. Zen In! For example, the first time that the girl he loves speaks to him, he uses light to Gate describe her: The light from the lamp. caught the white curve of her neck, lit up her hair that rested there and, falling, lit up the hand upon the railing. It fell over one side of her dress and caught the white boarder of a petticoat, just visible as she stood at ease.

In contrast, he uses dull or cold words to homework be banned describe his environment, revealing his opinion toward his less than vibrant area of Dublin. Altogether, his thoughts are very revealing about his character and opinions, and they are essential to the story. After all, it is Bridge, his way of thinking that causes him to be a creature driven and derided by vanity. Be Banned! #2: Within the first two paragraphs of Araby it is Bridge, clear how the narrorator feels about his home. Through the writing university description given in paragraph one, A quiet street. reveals that nothing exciting happens, which naturally results in boredom. A second description that shows the Bridge narrorator's attitude toward his house is found in creative writing, paragraph two, Air, musty from having been long enclosed, hung in all the rooms. Golden Gate Bridge! littered with useless papers. The adjectives, musty. Writing Seattle University! hung. littered. useless, reveal how much distaste the narrorator had for the home. Gate Bridge! In summary, the narrorator did not enjoy being at his home because he saw it as boring, uncomfortable, and where the death of his dreams sprang from. Very thoughtful response. I like how you brought boredom in. Creative Seattle University! I think that is very important in the story. #1: In the beginning of the story, the narrator describes his home as a very dark and Golden, dreary place.

This shows that the narrator feels negatively toward his home. But in his vivid description of of writing essays on creativity his crush, in the quote, But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires, the narrator shows how much he loves his crush. Golden! I think that the setting is not as dreary as he makes it out to be, but is actually only the art of writing essays how he sees it compared to his crush. Both these images, when put together, tells what the narrator is actually feeling. Golden Gate Bridge! #2- Everyone has their own perception of their home. James Joyce’s perception shows through the voice and in an be sure to, word choice in his piece “Araby.” He describes it as a tedious and routine place to live when he says it “was a quiet street except at the hour when the Golden Gate Bridge Christian Brothers’ School set the boys free.” and when he describes his uncle making small talk as he was being asked for money. E. Cassirer An Essay On Man! Which shows that it wasn’t a very extraordinary place to Bridge live. Joyce also refers to it as a “musty” and “feeble” place, portraying a less fortunate area.

As a young man viewing it, it was far from wondrous. And by zen in, adding these descriptions in, the Gate author shows how major that small glit of hope was to the young man. #3 One is able to derive from the text a few clues as to the narrators physical appearance and literature review research, the way he thinks. Gate Bridge! In the scene where he talks to the girl, he describes how she [bowed] her head towards me. This implies that he is shorter than her. Also, due to the way he describes his play with his friends - hiding in a counterclaim in an be sure, shadows if his uncle is in sight, shouts, running through back alleys - we deduce that he is of a younger age, possibly 8-10 years old. We can also see that he must be of a lighter complexion thanks to the way he says our bodies glowed due to cold air. As for how he thinks - I imagined that I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes - we can see that he has an imagination typical of young boys. He also tends to think a lot about Mangan's sister, especially in situations that are not exactly mentally stimulating, such as school. #2 In the first few paragraphs of Golden Gate Bridge Araby the narrator describes the zen in the art of writing house as being blind. If you look up blind it is described as lacking light. Golden Bridge! I believe that this is a key word as to how the narrator views his home and the area that he lives in.

His street is a sad place that is only lively when the young boys are out playing, bringing some sense of light to the area. I think that the priest dying in be banned articles, the old house also adds a sense of Golden Gate Bridge sadness to should articles his home. No one thinks of a death in a home as a good, happy event. The narrator portrays his home as a dark and dreary place. He says the cold air stung us and we played till our bodies glowed.

This shows that is Golden Bridge, not good weather and the only bright spot in the gloom is zen in of writing essays, them playing. He also says the houses have brown imperturbable faces. Golden Bridge! This brings a picture to me of never changing and stoic. Introduction! They don't notice their surroundings and Golden, are trapped in in case research, their own little world. 1) The author gives very little details about the main characters appearance. I think this is Gate, because he wants the reader to concentrate less on the appearance of the character and more on what he represents. The story explains how he spends a lot of time alone, looking out the window or laying on study the floor in the front parlor. This gave me the impression that he is Golden Bridge, smaller and weaker than most kids his age, but he makes up for it in brain power.

He is smart and enjoys a vivid imagination, although it seems like he over thinks things a little too much because he has to much time on literature review in case research his hands. Unfortunately, this girl is one of the things he has over thought and obsessed with. I completely agree and i just think by concetrating on the what he represents you can form a pretty good image of what he looks like. I also really like the example you used of how he lays on the floor in the palour and therefore created an image of him. The narrator uses dull and gloomy descriptions to convey the feelings he has toward his home and town. He uses the words uninhabited, imperturbable, musty, and Gate, sombre for example. Homework Should! Words such as these create a dreary image for Gate Bridge readers.

Throughout the e. cassirer on man short story, he continues to depict his environment in such a manner. The narrator said, Her image accompanied me even in places the most hostile to romance. This was a subtle hint that allowed readers to realize how cheerless his town was. The tone of the story is established right away, and the diction maintains a dark feeling throughout the whole story. In Araby the author starts off the story by describing the setting of the protagonist. He first describes the houses on his street as uninhabited and blind.

This gives the reader a sense that the protagonist potrays his home as empty, dark and dreary. He goes on to describe more about the houses saying they, gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces. Gate! This paints a picture of an unchanging and sober world. He then describes the death of the priest in his back room and how the air, musty from having been long enclosed, hung in all the rooms of the house This description reveals a morbid past and writing, therefore a grim attitude about the protagonist's home. Gate Bridge! After reading the assigned text and considering the prompt, post your response as a comment.

Then, respond to a classmate's comment.

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Essay: Bowlby’s attachment theory and Paiget’s cognitive theory. Theories help us to comprehend situations, give us ideas about what is going on and why things are happening that way (Maclean and Harrison 2008). In this essay, I have considered to give attention to Golden John Bowlby’s attachment theory and Jean Paiget’s cognitive theory focusing on child development. An outline of the above mentioned two theories will be given and how it informs knowledge of zen in of writing on creativity, human development. I will go on Golden Gate Bridge, to critically discuss the links to social work practice. In conclusion, I will demonstrate application of attachment theory to social work practice.

Bowlby (1969: 13) describes attachment as ‘an invisible affectionate bond between two people that consists of instinctive interactions’. Howe et al (1999) asserts that attachment is homework be banned viewed as a biological response designed to get children into Golden Gate Bridge close, protective relationships. Bowlby outlined four phases of the development of attachment as an integrated system of behaviours in infants: Phase 1:- Birth – 2/3 months. The infant directs his attachment to human figures on an instinctual bias; all are equally likely to elicit smiling or crying because the infant is review in case study research not discriminating. Phase 2:- 3-6 months. The infant’s attachment focuses on one figure, typically the primary caregiver. Phase 3:- 6-9 months. The intensity of attachment to the mother or caregiver increases. Due to this and newly acquired motor skills, the Gate infant now readily seeks the proximity to essay be sure the caregiver. Phase 4:- 9-12 months. The elements of attachment listed above become integrated into a mutual system of attachment to which both infant and mother contribute.

Bowlby asserts that mothers have an important role to Golden play in children’s early relationships. Bowlby, (1952) cited in zen in the art of writing on creativity Beckett (2006:53) contends that, ‘mother love in Golden infancy is as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins for the physical health’ The theory establishes that children’s behaviour is linked to either secure or insecure attachments. However, there are three types of insecure attachment which are listed by Wilson et al (2008) as insecure avoidant attachment group A, insecure ambivalent attachment group C and insecure disorganised or disoriented attachment group D each of which has a consequence of an essay on man, undesirable responses. With secure attachment group A according to Wilson et al (2008), a child is Golden securely attached in homework should be banned articles the mother’s presence when she positively responds and meets the needs of the child in a suitable manner. As Howe (2010) highlights, this attachment experience fosters security, it gives a sense of worth, faith in the helpfulness of others. According to Golden Gate Howe (2008), the child builds internal working models of the world and of himself in introduction it, with the aid of which he perceives events, forecasts the future, constructs his plans and works as mitigation in Golden times of trauma by forming resilience mechanisms. However, insecure attachment is should articles contrary to this. Insecure-avoidant group A develops from a disengaged parenting style.

The mother’s behaviour is Golden Gate Bridge cold, angry and rejecting. Should Be Banned! The child’s needs are regularly not met and the child concludes that communication of needs has no influence on the mother (Beckett 2006). The child who fits into Bridge this category shows odd behaviour. With an be sure to ambivalent insecure attachment group C, the mother’s behaviour appears relatively warm, but she shows less sensitivity to the baby’s signals, responding at inappropriate times (Maclean and Harrison 2008). Gate! As Howe et al (1999) points out, a common characteristic of these children is zen in of writing on creativity that they cry a lot, show more distress and Golden Gate Bridge are not enthusiastic about be banned articles physical contact. Ainsworth et al (1978) conducted a research to observe these children’s behaviour when reunited with the mother after a short separation. The children were filled with anxiety before separation from mother, got upset when the mother left and were ambivalent when she returned. This is known as the ‘strange situation’ and it became widely used to determine whether children’s attachments were secure or insecure. The disorganised insecure attachment group D, comes from Main and Solomon’s work. They view a caregiver as unpredictable, rejecting and Bridge violent at times.

Children who fall in this category are flooded with emotions of fear and essay anger (Main and Gate Solomon 1986). Maclean and Harrison (2008; 82) assert that, ‘these toddlers show contradictory behaviour patterns, e.g. Zen In! avoidance, resistance, tantrums plus unusual expressions of Gate, arrogant and negative emotion’. Application of attachment theory to social work practice. This theory therefore provides social workers with part of the model of analysis in judging the quality of relationships (Walker and e. cassirer an essay on man Crawford 2010). It provides a way of understanding the impression and consequences of a child’s difficult experiences. Walker and Crawford (2010; 54) claim this to be essential in knowing when to intervene or even remove a child where there are concerns in relation to Golden Bridge risks of insecure attachment. Wilson et al (2008) claim that, practitioners would be in a position to form strategies that can help children recover from difficult experiences and/or damage.

As Gerhart (2004) elucidates, children can recover from abuse or other negative experiences even though it is more difficult for those who have been seriously maltreated. Homework Should Be Banned Articles! According to Doherty and Hughes (2009) early intervention with children who display discipline problems and problematic behaviours such as noncompliance, temper loss and aggression is very important and must be applied early. Golden! Howe (2005) affirms that intervention to dissuade aggressive behaviour at a later time can be less effectual because adolescents become increasingly refractory to behavioural management therapies. Attachment characteristics can be of importance for social workers in the assessment of a child’s relationship with its caregiver (Geddes 2006). This assessment is an important requirement of safeguarding children’s welfare as it informs the practitioner of of writing essays on creativity, any concerns on Golden Bridge, the child’s wellbeing as informed by the Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters 2003? (Geddes 2006).

Howe (2010) asserts that these attachment characteristics portrayed will help practitioners to gather useful information to father essay be analysed and evaluated so as to make neither non-judgemental nor non oppressive decisions. As Thompson (2005) notes, failure to obtain enough information is an example of ineffective practice which can lead to biased decisions being made. For example, if practitioners do not critically consider their professional values and principles, and assess the impact of stressful attachment experiences of children as informed by the theory principles, it is easy to typecast a child to have disruptive behaviour disorders such as ADHD which will prove the practitioner’s incompetence. The attachment theory highlights the behaviour of parents in both secure and insecure situations. Equipped with this information, the Golden Gate social workers can assess and intervene on some adults’ parenting styles and father essay introduction find out if they need a support system to help them learn how to be good and responsive parent or carers thereby reducing the number of looked after children and maintaining family units in the community (Howe 1995). Even the Children Act 1989 rests on the belief that children are generally best looked after within the family with both parents playing a full part without resorting to legal proceedings (Wilson et al 2008). However, practitioners should be careful to recognise how people’s different ethnic and cultural norms may impact on their parenting styles.

Therefore, it is important that practitioners dismiss preconceived biases and Bridge stereotypical judgements but should develop anti oppressive ethos (Thompson 2005). Children are part of a social network and if attachment relationships were weak with caregivers this could possibly explains why the child have problems in making up own relationship thereby proving social workers with children’s personality background information. Background information will assist social workers to understand causes of some children’s behavioural problems like neurotic and zen in the art of writing essays on creativity delinquent behaviour and Gate mental illness in zen in of writing on creativity older age (Howe 1995). This valuable perspective on the development of feelings and behaviours relating to Golden Bridge human needs can therefore provide a social worker with an father introduction understanding of individuals’ unpredictable reactions. Critical analysis of attachment theory. Even though the attachment theory adds significantly to Golden Gate our understanding of child development, however, the first major weakness of the art, this theory is that it puts much focus on one primary attachment figure, that is the mother and fails to take into account other important adults for Golden Gate Bridge example the father, siblings and/or a key worker at preschool with whom children can form relationships. Thus Neaum (2010) makes it clear that, children forming attachments and forming relationships with others is equally important as with the writing mother. Feminist movements would argue that the theory is oppressive and gender biased. Ainsworth et al (1978)’s categories are based on short separations and reunions implying that it will work for all children. Taking into consideration that the attachment observation was based on few minutes of behaviour can make it difficult to recognise relevant qualities of attachment.

This same concept may not provide the Golden Gate same anxiety every child. Howe (2010 acknowledges that children are distinct and unique individuals with dissimilar feelings and experiences, hence their development should be considered on individual basis. Difficulties may arise, however, when attempting to implement the procedure to children whose cultural norms, values beliefs and background differ. E. Cassirer On Man! In some cultures, young children are left for a long time as training for independence while others identify a greater emphasis on maintaining relationships. Golden Gate! The theoretical conceptual model therefore fails to recognise that in certain cultures uncles, brothers and sisters can provide the role of a mother forming several good relations with immediate families which could later help the child. This theory can misguide practitioners to think that when a child behaves badly it is because of insecure relationships with parents and not putting into considerations other care givers. Therefore social workers should not always assume that if a child has non-secure base it is the parents’ fault and homework articles tend to ignore cultural differences, undiagnosed illnesses and parental depression. This theory put more focus on parents’ behaviour to create desirable or undesirable childhood. Last but not least, the attachment theory assumes that secure attachment always leads to Golden Gate positive future relationships and tend not to pay attention on the predictable variables like the zen in the art of writing essays on creativity death of the attachment figure, divorce and economic factors. Golden Gate! Thus Penn (2005) asserts that positive experiences in early life do not always make a child safe from later damage.

There is therefore a danger that attachment theory can lead to should articles a conflicting single-dimensional psychodynamic pathology of Golden Gate, family model which puts no consideration of the influence of the wider context of essay, probabilities upon parenting (Flynn and Rai 2003). Jean Paiget’s cognitive theory. The cognitive approach seeks to understand the internal thinking and mental processes that underpin human actions as opposed to behavioural approach which focuses upon learning by experience, response to stimulus in the environment. Keenan (2002, p36) point out that the child is not a passive recipient of information. It is possible that a lack of Bridge, information can result in unacceptable behaviours that can be punishable. However, Keenan (2002) reported that it is a learning process for the child. Zen In! According to Piaget’s (1971)’s theory of cognitive development, well supported by Keenan (2002) acknowledge evolutionary biology. Golden Gate! This highlights where people are coming from, where they are going and should be banned how they live (Buss, 1995). The works of human mind is significant, it helps to communicate and interact with the world and interpret the world to make meanings and Golden Gate sense out of seattle, events and situations to better understand the world in which people live.

Children tend to fail to anticipate and recognise differences in opinion to the situation and Golden Gate perhaps the consequences, hence end up in arguments. Literature In Case Study Research! As a social worker the ability to identify the source of arguments facilitate an Gate Bridge amicable conflict resolution strategy. It is important to realise that children retain any information given by the parents, teachers. This supports the old saying that ‘whatever comes from the essay be sure mouth of the child is from their parents’. In terms of theory, Piaget identified four stages; qualitatively, as a period of development; sensorimotor stage, from birth to 2 year; preoperational, 2-7 years and Golden Bridge formal operational, when the child can think of possible things and father essay develop hypothesis. However Piaget failed to recognise that children pass the development stages at a different rate. In a real situation, it is not fair to Golden Bridge compare the capabilities of children as will bring a lot of anger, frustration and hurt from the failing child. A good parent should be seen encouraging and praise even little achievements. Piaget’s cognitive theory suggests that reasoning develops in four stages and zen in the art of writing essays changes as the child passes from one stage to Golden another.

Critical analysis of cognitive theory. Even though this theory has gone some way towards enhancing our understanding of on man, children’s stages of development, two important limitations need to be considered. First, Paiget”s research is too narrow because it does not include socioeconomic factors, gender, ethnic background, or sexual orientation in the study. The cognitive perspective also gives consideration of Gate Bridge, learning styles as learning is thought to on man progress either verbally or visually and often through a combination of the two. Cognitive theory is too generalised and Golden Gate Bridge involves designing very frequent assessment of the students’s learning and retention ,since new experiences build directly upon previous ones. There is a need to an essay on man constantly evaluate the Golden Bridge needs of each studentand designing new activities that address the evolving educational needs and stages of each student. This can be a challenge, entailing great deal of time and effort. Implications to social work practice. Some similarities can be found when looking at Cognitive and Attachment theories. Both theories also believe that experiences in the early stages either positive or negative have a great consequence on the child’s wellbeing and experiences in homework should the later stages a view which is supported by Howe (2010) that children’s early experiences and relationships are the best predictions of Gate Bridge, tomorrow’s adults. However, there is one main difference that can be noted between these two theories.

Unlike the literature review in case research Attachment theory which focuses mainly on the mother as having influence on the child’s future relationships and behaviour, Paiget’s theory gives great emphasis on the child’s mind. Even though both the attachment and cognitive theory contribute a lot to social work practice, it is evident from the discussion above that understanding child development theories such as attachment theory is relevant and of paramount importance. It gives a bigger picture of what a child should be able to do at a particular age and establishes causes if a child is Golden below expected standard of development. Attachment theory seems to be more feasible and has more practical efficacy to zen in the art on creativity social work practice. This is because the theory provides an insight of the Gate quality of relationships between children and their parents or caregivers and the art essays how they influence or affect children’s care and future relationships. It offers explanations to the diversities amongst relationships.

In other words this answers questions like why children may behave differently from other siblings or they may react differently to Golden Bridge a similar situation which is explained by the theory of resilience. Attachment theory is concerned with what happens in of writing essays on creativity the early stages of the child’s growth; it therefore assures us that insecure attachments can be reversed if proper interventions are put in place to safeguard the children’s wellbeing. Attachment theory brings out Golden, some points to consider when supporting service users on seattle university, parenting skills which lead to the development of secure attachment for example that they need to Golden Gate Bridge respond to the child’s needs appropriately through feeding, touching , smiling, talking, soothing and rocking them. One may argue that attachment theory offers avaluable perspective on the development of feelings and behaviour relating to human needs. The theory also deals with the impact of separation and loss and explains their significance to emotional development and subsequent well being (Howe 1995). Therefore, for creative writing social workers whose responsibility is to focus more on children, protect them, observe and assess signs of difficulty, analyse the Golden information and considering how those difficulties might be tackled as recommended and emphasised in Munro review influenced by father essay introduction, the death of baby Peter (Munro Review 2011), it is of paramount importance to consider and implement these theories in their daily practice. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Psychology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on Bridge, hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

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If you are the original author of Gate Bridge, this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on addressing be sure, the link below to Golden Gate Bridge request removal: 16-04-17 - Influences of daily weather on mood 21-12-16 - Social Policy and Psychology: Points of university, collusion 24-11-16 - Cognitive Therapy 15-11-16 - GUIDANCE OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS WITH BEHAVIORAL 06-11-16 - Manipulation 05-11-16 - New Aged Music and Memory Retention 03-11-16 - Homosexual depressed adolescent boys – suicide 31-03-16 - ENHANCING INSTRUCTIONAL EFFICIENCY THROUGH GENERALIZATION AND INSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK 30-03-16 - DISCUSSION ON AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR 29-03-16 - Zodiac Signs and Golden Bridge Personality Characteristics. We offer professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. An Essay On Man! Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. Essay UK is Golden Bridge a trading name of review study, Student Academic Services Limited , a company registered in England and Wales under Company Number 08866484 .

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Microsoft New Certifications – MCSE, MCSD, MCSA and Golden Gate MCSM. Microsoft have reinvented their Microsoft Certification Program by articles, building clouse-related skills validation into what some would say is the industry’s most recognised certification program. The below information should give you an full picture of Golden Gate what the changes are and what they mean to IT professionals. If you want to know more about an essay what impact this will have personally or for your organisation’s learning needs then we are happy to help so please call 0845 519 7408 or email us Alternatively you could view our guides to the separate certifications. You can find them below: Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) are Microsoft’s flagship certifications for professionals who want to Golden Gate Bridge lead their IT organization’s journey to the cloud.

These certifications recognize IT professionals with broad and literature review study deep skill sets across Microsoft solutions. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate(MCSA) is the certification for aspiring IT professionals and is also the prerequisite certification necessary to earn an MCSE. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) is the ultimate destination for the most experienced MCSEs. These new certifications integrate cloud-related and on-premise skills validation in order to support organizations and recognize individuals who have the Gate Bridge skills required to be productive using Microsoft technologies. On-premise or in essays the cloud, Microsoft training and certification empowers technology professionals to Golden Gate expand their skills and gain knowledge directly from the source. Securing these essential skills will allow you to an essay on man grow your career and Golden Gate Bridge make yourself indispensable as the industry shifts to the cloud. Microsoft cloud service offerings and zen in on creativity related certifications are continuously updated as our technology updates.

We also added recertification requirements to ensure that IT professionals and developers who hold our certifications are up to date on the latest technologies. Microsoft Certifications now validate a broader set of Gate skills and experience required by father essay introduction, cloud solutions across a technology solution rather than individual technologies. Cloud computing ultimately enables IT to focus on more mission-critical activities, raising the bar of Golden Gate Bridge required expertise for IT professionals and developers. Our reinvented certifications test on a deeper set of skills that map to real-world business context. Rather than testing only on a feature of a technology, Microsoft Certifications now validate more advanced skills and a deeper understanding of the platform. Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Certification Program. Q. Why are you changing the Microsoft Certification Program and what are the key changes?

We reinvented our certifications to maintain their market relevance as the industry shifts to review study research the cloud. Microsoft Certifications now validate broader and Bridge deeper skills required to build solutions on-premise or in the cloud. We added recertification requirements to ensure that IT professionals and creative university developers who hold our certifications are up-to-date on our continually evolving technology. Q. Golden Gate Bridge. What are the recertification requirements for the new MCSD and e. cassirer an essay on man MCSE certifications? To ensure that our certifications remain meaningful and Gate valuable indicators of candidates’ skills, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certifications will require recertification every two years and e. cassirer an essay on man Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications will require recertification every three years. Q. Why did you change the Golden Bridge name of Microsoft Certifications? The names—Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and father Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM)—were changed to better reflect the experience, knowledge, and skills that IT professionals and developers need to build and manage technology solutions that may include multiple technologies, whether on Bridge premise or in the cloud. Q. How do these changes impact my existing Microsoft Certifications? The existing MCTS, MCITP, and MCPD certifications are currently valuable in the market and will remain valuable as long as companies are using the technology covered in homework should be banned articles your certification. As new technologies are released, they will be released in the new solutions structure. Over time, the MCTS, MCITP, and Golden MCPD certifications will retire and creative writing will transition to a legacy status.

Legacy Microsoft Certifications will still appear on your transcript and will be designated as such. Q. Will there be an upgrade path from Golden Gate Bridge my current MCITP or MCPD certification? If you achieved an MCITP or MCPD certification that corresponds to a new expert-level certification, there will be a shorter upgrade path available to you for zen in of writing on creativity a limited time. Q. When will the certifications for each solution area be available? New certifications will release for each solution area when Microsoft launches a new version of related products. The first certifications being released are SQL Server 2012 and Private Cloud. Q. Gate Bridge. What should I do if a certification isn’t available for literature review study the technology that I’m interested in? We recommend that you pursue the Microsoft Certification paths that are currently available and sign up to receive notifications about updates on new certifications as they become available. In most cases, upgrade exams will also be available to shorten your path from an MCITP or MCPD to Golden Gate the new MCSE and review in case study MCSD certifications. The MCSA certification is the starting point to our technical certifications.

The MCSA certification provides a clear starting point for job seekers early in their technology career who are ready to prove that they have the minimum set of skills to hit the Golden ground running. When you pass a single exam, you become a member of the literature review Microsoft Certification Program. You can share your transcript with others to prove that you passed that exam and show your progress towards a specific certification. Q. Will I be able to access the MCP member site by passing only Gate one exam? Yes, you will be able to access the when in an be sure MCP member site after passing one exam. You will be able to view and share your transcript, enabling you to Gate Bridge show your progress towards your certification goals. Q. Expert-level certifications don’t include a product version number. How will I show what product versions my certification covers? Your transcript has a section that shows all the exams you have passed.

Each exam title will include the be banned technology version in the name. Q. Why don’t any of the Bridge certification titles at the expert level have a product version number in them anymore? Expert-level certifications do not include a product version number because they may cover multiple versions of a single technology and multiple technologies as part of the solution. Q. E. Cassirer On Man. How will earning the new expert-level certification better prepare me to pursue a master-level certification? Expert-level certifications better prepare you to pursue a master-level certification by validating the full range of skills and abilities required to Gate Bridge be successful at building technology solutions. Expert-level certifications also validate deeper technology skills than were included in the past, which helps bridge the gap to homework be banned the difficulty level of master certifications. Q. Will I be able to earn an MCTS for passing exams that count towards the MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification? You will continue to earn an MCTS for passing Exams 70-640 and 70-642 until April 2013. Until April 2013, when you earn an MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification, you will also receive the MCITP: Server Administrator certification. After April 2013, the MCITP: Server Administrator certification will be discontinued. Q. How long will I be able to earn a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), or Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification?

When new Expert-level and Associate-level certifications are announced for Golden Gate Bridge a technology, the retirement dates for the older certifications in that technology will also be announced. Upgrade paths will be available from MCITP and MCPD certifications, so that you can easily make the transition to the MCSE. According to a recent study, 86 percent of hiring managers indicate IT certifications are a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process. 1 Also, the number of job postings in the cloud computing industry is in an essay, growing so rapidly that there aren’t enough qualified workers available to Bridge fill the positions, according to an analysis of hiring trends by essay, Wanted Analytics. Achieving a Microsoft Certification puts your resume on Bridge top of the pile and gives you the competitive edge you need to creative writing seattle university get hired and Golden Gate Bridge get ahead in your career. 1 CompTIA Study, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and creative writing seattle Certification, January 2011 . Choosing a certification path is all about your journey—where you are and Golden where you want to be tomorrow.

Are you more interested in developing software, deploying it, or using desktop applications and services? Visit the following pages to learn about your options. The majority of IT hiring managers use certification as a criterion for hiring at least half the time. Creative Writing Seattle University. The MCSA certification is designed to make it easy for hiring managers to identify candidates who have already gained a minimum set of skills on core technologies. While the MCSA certification validates the core technical skills that are important early in your career, those core skills continue to be valuable even as you move on to specialize in a certain solution area.

Q. Gate Bridge. Will getting certified help with my matriculation? Earning a certification from an internationally recognized provider creates lifelong opportunities to review study research fill an Gate Bridge estimated eight million IT jobs around the world. Students can now get college credit by earning a Microsoft Certification. The American Council on Education (ACE) has recommended college credit for several Microsoft Certifications. With the writing university exception of the Bridge Microsoft Certified Master program, no Microsoft Certifications require training prior to taking an exam.

However, hands-on experience working with the product is highly recommended prior to review in case study research taking these certification exams. You should be able to demonstrate all the skills described in the exam preparation guide before you take an exam. Q. Golden Bridge. How will I know what subjects will be covered on the exam? The preparation guide for essay each exam contains a “Skills Measured” section that you can review, as well as a list of preparation tools and resources provided by Microsoft. The best way to prepare for Bridge an exam is to practice the skills listed in zen in the art essays the preparation guide. Hands-on experience with the technology is required to successfully pass Microsoft Certification exams. Q. Do I really need to have the experience described in Golden the exam preparation guide? With the should be banned exception of Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams, all Microsoft Certification exams are designed to measure your ability to perform skills related to one or more Microsoft technologies. Without hands-on experience with the Golden Bridge product, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to earn the certification. Q. How can I get hands-on experience with the product if I’m not working in the IT industry yet? Visit the Microsoft home page and download trial versions of products: Click the study Downloads Trials tab at the top of the page, and Gate then select Download Center . Or click the homework should Products tab, also at the top of the page, and look for trials and downloads on the product web pages.

If you are a student, you might qualify for free access to certain software through Microsoft DreamSpark. You can download online labs from the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) or Microsoft TechNet for many technologies, which allows you to work with the technology without loading it onto your computer. Microsoft Learning training, such as Microsoft Press Training Kits, e-learning, and instructor-led training, also provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience with the technology. Hands-on experience focusing on the skills listed in the exam preparation guide is the most cost-effective way to prepare for a certification exam. Blogs and online articles are available on many of the skills measured by Golden Bridge, our certification exams. Many public libraries carry Microsoft Press Training Kits. E. Cassirer An Essay On Man. Microsoft Learning and Gate Bridge MSDN sponsor Windows Live Meetings, webcasts, podcasts, and videos that might be relevant to your certification path. Microsoft Learning also offers short, interactive presentations called Learning Snacks, which provide overviews on popular topics.

A practice test is a great tool for identifying your current level of father mastery and gaining insight into the level of Golden Gate training that you need for success on that technology. The exam preparation guide is a great tool to help you determine whether you are ready to take the exam. Read the preparation guide and ask yourself whether you can perform the skills described. For a more exam-like assessment of your skills, you can get a practice test from one of our practice test providers. Practice questions are also available in some of homework be banned our Microsoft Learning training products, such as the Microsoft Press Training Kits. Q. How long will it take me to earn a certification? The exam preparation guide includes the recommended amount of Gate Bridge hands-on experience that candidates should have prior to taking each exam.

Beyond that, it depends on e. cassirer an essay how much time you spend studying. If you already have experience, you might need only a few weeks of studying to prepare for each exam. If you do not have hands-on experience or have very little time to Bridge study, you might need a few months of preparation before you are ready.

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Adam Simpson - Homework: Should we give it or not? Homework… should we or shouldn’t we? Homework… should we or shouldn’t we? What are the benefits and what are the Golden, drawbacks? Are we really helping our learners develop their language skills or are we merely complicating their lives? Here are my favourite four arguments for and against giving learners homework: The case for #1: Class time isn’t enough and learners need extra practice. Homework should, above all else, serve to review and build upon what has been learned in essays on creativity, class, or to offer further practice of Bridge something that was new and particularly tricky. With this in mind, make sure that whatever homework you assign can be completed by learners independently and should articles with relative ease. Homework that gives the Golden Bridge, student an opportunity to further practice what he or she has just learned in be banned, class to further fix the Gate, concepts in their mind can be extremely worthwhile.

Ideally, it should be something that is useful but that might have been boring had it been done in class (such as a gap fill exercise). Does this build on what you did in class? Will they be able to do it after what you did in homework articles, class, or do they need more input? Is it something that would, realistically, have been a waste of class time, in Golden Gate Bridge, terms of not maximizing their contact with you as their teacher? The case against #1: People need a life. If you teach adults, it’s almost entirely likely that they will have a work life and father a social life outside of your classroom. Are you really doing them a favour by Bridge, eating into this time with your demands that they do extra study? If you teach young learners, these children need unstructured play time to become social creatures more than they need homework from on man, you.

Homework can have a negative influence on learning experiences. Adults in particular will feel guilty about not doing the work you’ve assigned… or resentment about having to Golden, do it when they should be getting on with something else. This will affect how they feel about your class and not in a good way. Children will also be negatively affected by the addition of homework articles homework. IF YOU REALLY MUST… Find out how much time your learners have to do homework and Golden Gate assign work accordingly. The case for an essay, #2: Homework helps learners remember the Golden, things they’ve learned in class. Homework can do a great job of reinforcing the content of lessons, and provides a valuable opportunity for extra practice… before they have a chance to forget everything! Basically, homework should always supplement and mentally click that ‘I remember’ button, so don’t assign new material because there’s a big chance that A) they will not understand it, and B) they will become frustrated with the tasks, as well as being less open to in an to, discussing the work in class later on.

This point is particularly important with classes that you see infrequently, as they have many chances to Golden, forget what you did in the last class! Is this a useful reminder and revision of a tricky new language point? Does it present new concepts? Does it go over something you did in e. cassirer on man, class but in a slightly different way? The case against Golden Gate #2: Let’s face it, you don’t really know what you’re doing. As qualified as you might be and with as much knowledge of teaching pedagogy as you might have, do you honestly believe you know exactly what you’re doing when you assign homework? What objectives are you aiming to cover? How will this further your learners’ ability to essay, do whatever it is Gate, you’ve done in class? Granted, a lot of creative seattle coursebooks have workbooks which are largely intended for Bridge, self study, but you nevertheless have to be careful that there is a definite purpose behind what you’re assigning. IF YOU REALLY MUST… Consult your learners and ask them what they see as an appropriate follow-up task for them to do at review in case study, home to Gate Bridge, supplement what you have done in class. The case for father, #3: Homework can help learners make more rapid progress in their language acquisition.

Homework can provide valuable practice of the skills learned in Gate Bridge, the classroom. In Case Study Research. We know that we are pushed for time and that each lesson is valuable contact time. We don’t want to be going into Gate, too much detail or doing too many tasks on one language point, regardless of whether or not the learners need it. At some point, you need to introduction, provide ways for that practice to take place in the learners’ own time, so you can get on with new stuff next lesson! Does it compliment what you’ve done in class in a useful way?

How well does it work as a self reference document that learners can return to at a later point? The case against #3: Homework doesn’t lead to better performance. Golden Gate Bridge. Too much homework can be a bad thing. Research indicates there is a weak link between achievement and homework, particularly in literature review, young learners. Furthermore, countries that assign more homework don’t outperform those with less homework. Countries such as America and the UK have relatively high levels of homework in Golden, schools and zen in the art essays on creativity yet don’t show a correlation with high performance.

Japan is one country that has taken the opposite route, having instituted no homework policies at younger levels to Gate Bridge, allow family time and personal interests. Finland, one of the most successful nations in terms of essay international tests, limits high school homework to half an hour per night. While a small amount of well thought out homework can be beneficial, assigning excessive amounts of Golden Bridge homework is at best counterproductive. IF YOU REALLY MUST… A good tactic, particularly for teachers of young learners, is to assign homework for on creativity, improving study skills, rather than learning. Golden Bridge. Assign homework that is uncomplicated and literature in case short, which involves families or friends, and which above all engages learner interests. Gate Bridge. The case for #4: Homework can allow learners to use materials and other sources of information that are not always available in the class room.

Some of us have the luxury of computers and projectors in literature in case, class, others do not. Some exercises that are on the net work best as self study materials anyway. Think about the resource you want learners to use and in Golden, particular whether it is more suited to classroom use or for e. cassirer an essay, personal study. Furthermore, assigning research tasks that require learners to go out into the wider world and independently find resources that link to what you did in class can be a useful and motivating activity. Does the task work better as homework than it would in the classroom environment? How can you get learners to find a resource that develops on what you did in class? The case against #4: They don’t really need it. People are constantly learning in the 21st Century and traditional homework should become obsolete within the next decade.

Thanks to Golden Gate Bridge, technology, learning is now a constant in review in case, our lives. Bridge. With access to applications, software programs, as well as educational websites such as the father introduction, Khan Academy, learning is an ongoing process. So much of what learners can access is through the medium of English that it is unlikely that they can spend many days of Golden their lives without acquiring some knowledge of the language from their everyday environment. IF YOU REALLY MUST… Instead of assigning homework, utilise the technological tools that your learners use in their everyday lives. Get them doing something in English with their phones or on Facebook.

I’m not the zen in essays on creativity, world’s biggest fan of homework, but used correctly it can be a good teaching tool. To use it effectively, you have to ensure that it is benefiting your learners and that the exercises you give them are not merely busy work. © British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN, UK. © BBC World Service, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4PH, UK.

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Companions Promised Paradise (Ashara Mubashara) Elif Eryarsoy Ayd?n. One of the goals believers want to reach is entering paradise, because the Quran commands people to race to enter paradise. Be quick in Golden Bridge, the race for forgiveness from your Lord, and for e. cassirer an essay on man, a Garden whose width is Bridge, that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the literature review research earth, prepared for the righteous (Al-i Imran 3/133). Who has gained Paradise will be apparent in the afterlife, but Allah promised it to the Companions while they were still in Golden Gate, this world. Not equal among you are those who spent (freely) and fought before the Victory, (with those who did so later).

Those are higher in rank than those who spent (freely) and fought afterwards. But to all has God promised a goodly (reward). And God is zen in of writing essays on creativity, well acquainted with all that ye do (Al-Hadid, 57/10). As is clearly seen in this verse, Allah promises Heaven to all the Bridge Companions. Just as the Companions, who had many admirable traits, were given the good news of Paradise in an essay on man, general, there are also those who were promised Heaven individually while here on Golden Bridge earth. The term Ashara Mubashara (the ten who were promised Paradise) designates those who were given these glad tidings by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) while they were living in this world. In addition to the term Ashara Mubashara, the phrase with the same meaning - al-Mubashara bil-Jannah - was also used. They are: Abu Bakr (634), Umar (643), Uthman (655), Ali (660), Talha (656), Zubayr (656), Abdurrahman ibn Awf (652), Sa'd (674), Said ibn Zayd (671), Abu Ubaidah (639). Literature Review In Case Study Research! The names of these Companions were mentioned in Golden Gate Bridge, hadith and were, thus, fixed.

Generally, when the Companions of the Prophet, particularly the Noble Companions, are evaluated, it will be seen that this situation is very natural in respect to general Islamic principles. Some common traits of the Ashara Mubashara: All became Muslim in the early years of Islam. They made great service to the Prophet and the Islamic cause. They migrated. They participated in the battle of zen in the art essays on creativity, Badr. They swore allegiance to the Prophet at Hudaybiya. There are many narrations in Golden, hadith sources regarding their virtues. Sources of sound hadiths with narrations on research these Companions. He is the Golden first free man to his faith after Muhammad (pbuh) began preaching the message of Islam; he is the first of the rightly-guided caliphs and the first of the Ashara Mubashara.

His original name was Abdul-Kaaba. After the advent of e. cassirer on man, Islam, the Prophet gave him the name of Abdullah. His patronymic is Abu Bakr. He is known with the sobriquets of Jamiul Quran, as-Siddiq, and al-Atiq. The most famous of these is as-Siddiq. Abu Bakr was born two years and several months after the Event of the Elephant in Mecca in 571. He was known for his admirable traits and chastity. It is related that Abu Bakr was one or three years younger than the Prophet.

He was light-skinned with a lean body, a thin face, a sparse beard, deep-set eyes and a prominent forehead. From the Banu Taym tribe which held an Gate Bridge, important position in Mecca, was involved in trade, had social connections and broad culture, Abu Bakr's genealogy meets with Muhammad (pbuh) in Murra b. Kab. His mother's name is Ummul-Hayr Selma and his father's name is Abu Quhafah. Father Introduction! From the Meccan notables, his father saw Abu Bakr's caliphate and Golden Bridge, death. He had several marriages. During the Age of Ignorance he first married a woman named Qutayla bint Abduluzza, and they had a son named Abdullah and a daughter named Asma. Aisha and Abdurrahman were born his wife Umm Ruman; Umm Kulthum was born Habiba, the daughter of Harija ibn Zayd who he married in Medina; and a son named Muhammad was born his wife, Asma. Abu Bakr was a person well-liked and known for his admirable virtues during the Age of Ignorance. He had the duty of overseeing the e. cassirer an essay on man payment of blood money (asnaq) and Golden Gate Bridge, compensation in Mecca.

As a prominent Meccan, he was famous for his knowledge of genealogy and narration. He was involved in the textile and the art essays on creativity, clothing trades; his capital was forty thousand dirham, and he spent most of it for Golden Gate Bridge, Islam. Abu Bakr was the first to introduction, his faith to the Prophet after Khadija. Bridge! He worked to gain converts to review research, Islam powerful tribes during the Meccan period. On the other hand, he protected the helpless and slaves who were subject to torture by the idolaters, and he used his wealth to buy and free persecuted slaves. According to Aisha's narration, Abu Bakr, who had remained at the Prophet's side for thirteen years in Mecca, began to cry joy when he received the command the Prophet to emigrate and learned that they would migrate together. He was present at the battles of Badr, Uhud and the Ditch. He participated in military expeditions to Muraysi, Qurayza, Haybar, Mecca, Hunayn, and Taif. Becoming ill in Golden Gate Bridge, the eleventh year of the Hijra, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died on Monday, the 13 th of Rabi'al-awwal (June 8, 632). Abu Bakr was elected at the wish of the Companions, particularly Umar.

In his speech in creative, the masjid after he was elected to be Caliph of the Prophet, Abu Bakr said, I am not the Golden best among you, but I have become your leader. If I do my duty fairly, help me; if I am mistaken, correct me. As long as I obey Allah and his Messenger, obey me; if I rebel, your obedience is not required. He opened war on false prophets and those who said, We pray, but we won't give the poor tax. He suppressed rebellions in Bahrain, Umman, Yemen, and Muhra. He added Hira, Ajnadin and Anbar to the Islamic world by homework be banned articles, means of war during his reign, Iraq was conquered and Golden Gate Bridge, important cities in Syria were taken.

Abu Bakr died while the Yarmuk War continued. Abu Bakr enabled all the verses of the on man Quran to be gathered together by a delegation under the Golden Bridge chairmanship of Zayd b. When Addressing A Counterclaim To! Sabit. When Abu Bakr became ill with a disease he got in Medina after the migration in the month of Jumada al-thani, 13 H., he wanted Umar to lead the prayer. Consulting the Companions, he said he thought Umar was suitable for Bridge, the caliphate. He died at sixty-three like the introduction Prophet whom he loved so much. According to his will, he was buried next to the Prophet at shoulder level. The Second Righteous Caliph, he was one of the Bridge Companions closest to the Prophet in on man, his struggle for Unity in an attempt to spread Islam and make it reign in this world.

Umar's sobriquet was Faruq, which means the one who distinguishes between right and Gate, wrong. Umar was born in Mecca thirteen years after the Event of the Elephant. According to narration related by himself, he was born four years after the Great Fijar war. His father was Khattab b. Nufayl and his genealogy meets with the Prophet in of writing, Kab. A member of the Adiw branch of the Quraish tribe, his mother was Hanteme the sister or cousin of Golden, Abu Jahl. Umar was tall with a big frame, light-skinned, a broad forehead, a long mustache and free-falling hair.

Being a shepherd to camels in his childhood, Umar was busy with such honorable works among Arabs as learning genealogy and how to literature, use weapons. Golden Gate! At the same time Umar was a very good speaker. Sources do not give much information regarding Umar's life before he became Muslim. However, it is known that in his childhood he shepherded his father's animals and that later he became involved in addressing a counterclaim essay be sure, trade. Umar accompanied trade caravans going towards Syria. Among the Golden notables of Mecca during the Age of e. cassirer an essay, Ignorance, he handled the duty of envoy for the city of Mecca's government. When a war broke out, Umar would be sent as envoy to the other side and, upon his return, action would be taken according to the information and opinion he gave. In addition, he played an effective role in the resolution of conflict among tribes and the decisions he made were binding. Deciding to kill the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Umar girthed his sword and set out to kill him. However, when he learned that his sister and Golden Gate Bridge, her husband had entered the new religion, he went to them first and, affected by the Quranic verses they read, he accepted Islam in the 6 th year of the Prophet's apostleship. After he became Muslim, Umar was constantly at the side of the Prophet, and he did everything possible to should articles, protect him.

When Muslims were ordered to migrate to Medina, they secretly began to immigrate to Medina Mecca. Umar felt no need to be secretive and he set off for Medina with twenty companions. Umar participated in the battles of Badr, Uhud, the Ditch and Haybar and in many small detached military expeditions. He acted as commander in some of Golden Bridge, these. Umar played a big role in eliminating the chaos that appeared immediately after the death of the Prophet in the election of Abu Bakr as caliph. He was the father biggest assistant to Abu Bakr during his short term as caliph. When Abu Bakr understood that he was going to die, he thought about appointing Umar as caliph to himself and, revealing this idea, he consulted some of the Companions. When everyone approved of Umar's being caliph, he became the second Islamic caliph. While making an effort to complete the conquest of Syria, on the one hand, Umar sent armies to Golden, the Iranian front to the art of writing essays, get solid results, on the other hand. The Iranian army had been defeated in the Qadisiya War. Gate! Iran bowed to the sovereignty of Islam by means of father introduction, war in some regions and by means of Golden Gate, peace in other regions.

Azerbaijan and father essay introduction, Armenia all the way to Khorasan were among the conquered Persian lands. Egypt and Jerusalem were also taken during this period. Umar was also trying to set up state organizations. He established the Council. He made income non-Muslim revenues to be formed into categories.

In order to put legal matters in Golden Gate, order, he was the first person to literature in case research, appoint judges working independently the governors. Golden Gate Bridge! In 17 H. E. Cassirer! he printed money and put it in circulation. He established military headquarter towns in order for armies to be located close to enemy regions. He was stabbed by Bridge, a non-Muslim slave and he died three days after this incident. A monument of modesty, he is the third Rightly-Guided Caliph. Writing Seattle! His patronymic is Gate, Uthman ibn Affan ibn Abil-As ibn Umayya ibn Abdis-shams ibn Abdi Manaf al-Quresi al-Amawi Abu Amr.

After he became Muslim, married Ruqayya, the Prophet's daughter, and had a son her named Abdullah, he became known as Abu Abdullah. His patronymic is Abu Abdullah. He was also called Abu Amr and Abu Laila. His sobriquet is Zinnurayn. Uthman (ra) was born 6 years after the be banned Event of the Elephant and 47 years before the Migration. According to this, Uthman was 34 years-old when Muhammad (pbuh) was made eminent with apostleship. A member of Banu Omayya, his genealogy connects with the Golden Prophet in his fifth grandfather Abdi Menaf. His mother is Arwa binti Qurayz b. Creative Writing! Rabia b. Habib b. Abdi Shams.

His grandmother is the Prophet's aunt Beyda, the daughter of Golden Gate, Abdulmuttalib. He was married with two of the Prophet's daughters. After Ruqayya died in the year 2 H., he married Umm Kulthum. Essay! His son Ruqayya, Abdullah, died in 4 H. at the age of six. Later he married women with the names: Fahita b. Gazwan, Umm Amr binti Jundub, Umm Benin binti Uyayna and Naila. From Umm Amr binti Jundub he had children named Amr, Halid, Aban, Umar, and Mariam; with Umm Benin binti Uyayna he had a child named Abdulmelik. Golden Gate! The most well-known among these is his son, Aban. Uthman was handsome, very polite, of average height, with a thick beard and thick hair between his shoulders. There is scarce information in the art, sources regarding Uthman's life before he became Muslim. He was busy with trade in his youth.

Due to his honesty in Golden Bridge, trade transactions, he was famous for this among the people. Uthman ibn Affan became Muslim at the invitation of Abu Bakr's. He participated in the two migrations to Abyssinia. When the order was given for migration to Medina, Uthman went together with the other Muslims. He bought the when be sure to Ruma well which was owned by Golden Bridge, a Jew for literature review in case research, twenty thousand dirham and Golden Gate, allowed for the free use of it by Muslims. Due to his wife Ruqayya's serious illness, Uthman did not join the Badr battle with the Prophet's permission. Except for Badr, he fought in all the battles made with the idolaters and writing seattle university, the enemies of Golden, Islam.

When Umar was wounded, the people he chose elected Uthman as caliph after a public survey. When Uthman took over the state administration, Islamic conquests were continuing at essay, a fast pace. During this period Muslim armies conquered Juzejan, Taliqan, Faryab and Golden Gate, Balh, almost all of the cities in the Toharistan region, the islands of Cyprus and Rhodes, and the Ifriqiyya region. Also in addressing be sure, the interior of Anatolia the Bridge region was conquered as far as Tiflis. He died during rebellions that occurred as a result of dissent. Ali was the son of the Prophet's uncle, his son-in-law and the fourth caliph. His father was Abu Talib, his mother was Fatima binti Asad the Quraish, and the art of writing on creativity, his grandfather was Abdulmuttalib. His patronymic was Abul Hasan and Abu Turab (father of earth), and his nickname was Haydar.

His title was Commander of the Faithful. Gate! He is also referred to as Allah's Lion. Ali was born twenty years before the father introduction Migration. He was the Gate Bridge youngest son of Abu Talib, the Prophet's uncle. His patronymic was Abu Hasan or Abu Turab. Ali was the son of the Prophet's uncle, Abu Talib. Ali's mother became Muslim after the death of her husband and migrated to Medina. Homework Be Banned! When she died, the Prophet sent his blessed clothing and commanded that it be used as her winding sheet. Ali had 14 sons and 9 daughters.

Among these Hasan, Husain, Zainab and Umm Kulthum were from the Prophet's daughter, Fatima. While Fatima was alive, Ali did not take a second wife. Gate! His other marriages occurred after her death. Ali was of short-medium height, with dark skin, large black eyes and the art of writing essays on creativity, a thick and broad beard. According to Sawade ibn Hazala's description, he once used henna on his beard, but later left it in its natural state. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) invited members of the Banu Hashim to Golden Gate Bridge, his house in order to explain Islam to them. E. Cassirer! After dinner he said, O sons of Abdulmuttalib, I have been sent to mankind and you in particular.

Who among you will pledge allegiance to Bridge, me as a brother and creative seattle, friend? Only Ali stood up and gave his allegiance as the Prophet asked. Before the Golden Prophet migrated, he left some items that he had taken in trust with Ali to return to their owners. An Essay! Then that night Ali slept in the Prophet's bed and surprised the unbelievers. After that he migrated to Medina, too. After the Migration he was always at the side of the Bridge Prophet and participated in the art of writing essays on creativity, all the battles. He was among those who kept vigil in his room while the Prophet was dying. When Abu Bakr was elected caliph, Ali was in the Prophet's room swathing his corpse. During Umar's reign, Ali handled all the legal matters, serving like the chief justice of the Islamic state. Although he was not very happy with the administrative approach during Uthman's caliphate, he informed Uthman of the Gate complaints coming various regions of the Islamic state and he made recommendations for their resolution.

He did what he could to essays, keep at bay those besieging Uthman. After Uthman's martyrdom, prominent individuals pledged their allegiance to Ali. When he became caliph he was confronted with many problems that needed to be solved. This confusion gave birth to internal conflict like Jamal and Gate, Siffin. Great sacrifice and effort were shown to resolve the disputes within the Islamic state.

Eventually, in Kufa in the year 40 H. Should Be Banned Articles! /661 A.D. Ali was wounded by Abdurrahman ibn Muljam, a Hariji, as he was going to Bridge, the morning prayer. He became a martyr as a result of when addressing a counterclaim to, this wound. Because he was constantly at the side of the Prophet, he was advanced in Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh. In fact, in the Prophet's words he was the gate to Golden Bridge, the city of father, knowledge, the most knowledgeable of the community. He is one of the ten Companions to be given the good tidings of Paradise while the Prophet was alive and one of the first Muslims. His original name was Abdulkaaba or, according to another view, Abdu Amr.

He was known by the patronymic of Abu Muhammad. Abdurrahman was born approximately twenty years after the Event of the Elephant. His mother was Sifa binti Awf b. Adil-Haris b. Zuhra b. Qilab. He was the son of Haris the Banu Zuhra of the Golden Bridge Quraish tribe. Abdurrahman, who entered Islam during the writing university days of activity in Arkam's house, was given this name by Golden Bridge, the Prophet. He joined both migrations to Abyssinia.

Eventually, when Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged the Companions to migrate to Medina, he did so with the zen in the art essays on creativity others. Abdurrahman b. Awf began trading in Gate Bridge, the Medina market and Allah gave him great wealth. Known as one of the most generous Companions, Abdurrahman b. Awf made great contributions in Allah's path to many military expeditions, particular the Tabuk expedition. When he became very old during Uthman's time, Abdurrahman lived a very quiet life and finally died in Medina in the year 32 H. Abdurrahman b. Awf heard many hadiths the Prophet, but he refrained relating them all because of his scrupulousness.

He has up to sixty-five hadiths narrated in hadith collections. Mentioned with the sobriquet Custodian of the Ummah, he is one of the first Muslims and one of the essay introduction Ashara Mubashara. Golden! His original name was Amir ibn Abdullah ibn al-Jarrah. He is the Banu Fihr of the Quraish tribe. His genealogy connects with the Prophet's genealogy in their forefather Fihr. He was famous with the sobriquet of Custodian of the Ummah. Abu Ubaidah became Muslim by means of Abu Bakr's invitation or by going to the art essays on creativity, the Prophet with his friends under the Golden Bridge leadership of Uthman ibn Maz. He was among the second convoy of immigrants to review research, Abyssinia. Like the other great Companions, Abu Ubaidah participated in all the military expeditions. He was always at the Prophet's side in the conquest of Mecca, the siege of Taif, and the Farewell Pilgrimage. Golden Bridge! During the jihad activities in creative seattle university, Umar's time Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah participated in the conquests in the Syria region which began during Abu Bakr's caliphate, and he served as a commander.

He fell ill during the plague in Syria, Egypt and Iraq, which is Bridge, historically called the Amwas Tauna, and passed away. Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas Malik ibn Wuhayb ibn Abdi Menaf ibn Zuhra. His father was Malik ibn Wuhayb. His patronymic being Abi Waqqas, Sa'd was called Ibn Abi Waqqas due to it. Because the Prophet's mother was the Banu Zuhra, his genealogy meets the Prophet's on his mother's side. Sa'd's mother was Hamene binti Sufyan ibn Umayya. Sa'd was one of the homework articles first to accept the Islamic faith. He remained in Mecca until the migration to Medina. He participated in the battles of Badr, Uhud, the Ditch, Hudaybiya, Haybar, the Gate conquest of Mecca and when a counterclaim be sure, all other military expeditions.

He performed great service, both military and political, during the caliphate periods. Sa'd (ra) passed away in the Aqiq valley outside of Medina where he was residing in the year of 55 H. His father was Zayd ibn Amr and Golden, his genealogy meets with the Prophet's in be banned, Ka'b. His patronymic was Abul-A'var. He was also called Abu Tur. His mother was Fatima binti Ba'ja.

His father Zayd belonged to the Haneef religion of Abraham. Said was raised according to Golden Bridge, the Haneef religion which his father Zayd taught him. He was quick to follow the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He was married to Umar's sister, Fatima. With the exception of Badr, Said ibn Zayd participated in the battles at Uhud, the e. cassirer on man Ditch and all other battles. Said spent the Golden Bridge last days of his life on father essay his farm in the Aqiq valley outside of Golden, Medina and, surpassing the age of seventy, he passed away in study research, 50 or 51 H. Talha ibn Ubaydullah ibn Uthman ibn Amr ibn Sa'd ibn Taym ibn Murra ibn Qatb ibn Lueyy ibn Galib al Qurasi at-Taymi. His patronymic was Abu Muhammad.

Talha was one of the first eight people to Gate Bridge, accept Islam and one of five people who became Muslim through Abu Bakr. Talha was of medium height, broad-chested, broad-shouldered and had large feet. He was dark complexioned with thick hair, but his hair was neither short and curly nor long and straight. He had a smiling face with a thin nose. He did not dye his hair.

He walked quickly and would turn with his whole body towards the place he was headed. Although he did not fight at Badr, he joined many other battles. He heroically defended the Prophet at Uhud. He was killed at the Battle of the Jamal by Marwan ibn Hakam. It is estimated that he was between 60-64 years of age at the time of addressing, his death. Talha was the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) brother-in-law. Four of his wives were the sisters of the Prophet's wives.

Zubayr ibn al-Awwam ibn Khuwaylid ibn Asad ibn Abdil-Uzza ibn Qusayy ibn Qilab ibn Murra ibn Ka'b ibn Lueyy al-Qurasi al Asadi. He was called Abu Abdullah in Gate, reference to his oldest son, Abdullah. He was the Prophet's friend and disciple and, at the same time, the son of his aunt Safiyyah binti Abdulmuttalib. After Umar's death, he was one of the when addressing be sure 6-member council established to make the Golden election of the caliph. His mother called him Abu-t-Tahir.

However, Zubayr was known by the patronymic of his son Abdullah. He was either the fourth or fifth Muslim. However, neither his date of birth nor the age at which he became Muslim is known for sure. He migrated to Abyssinia. Just as he fought in all the battles, he played an important role in the conquest of Egypt. He fought in the battle of Jamal; however, he later quit the war. On the way back to Medina when he arrived at the headwater belonging to the Tamim tribe, Amr ibn Jarmouz began to follow him. He killed Zubayr at a place called the Siba Valley. Mashallah very useful information however there are a few sentences and quotes that need to be checked again as they do not make sense. Very useful information masha Allah! May Allah swt bless and reward you abundantly for educating those who do not have easy access to homework be banned articles, such information.

MashaAllah. thanks a lot u people who r providing such priceless information. Allah aapko isi tarah hidayat de aur Hume bhi..Ameen. beautiful information, may Allah guide us to the right path. Can anyone tell me the name of the companion that had dark skin when he lived but because he did his wudu thoroughly and Bridge, properly when he was martyred his skin became fair. does anyone know the father essay name of that companion. jazak ALLAH to whoever tells me.

O God show your people the right path(Islam)which will make them successful here after and give them peace in the life which they are spending now.